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Team competitions and proposed rule changes for 2021/22

Although the return to OTB chess is some way off, in order to prepare for the restart, we need to consider how we should manage our competitions. Under the CCCA Constitution, changes to competition rules need to be approved at a general meeting, while competition formats must be agreed at a meeting of the Management Committee. Follow these links for details of the process and a number of proposals for 2021/22 competition arrangements and rule changes.

To give everyone a chance to participate in the decsion-making process, I have created the Cornwall Chess Forum. To post a comment about competition arrangements, go here. For rule changes, go here.

In order to post to the forum, go to one of the topics and  click the reply button at  the bottom of the page. You will need to register in order to post to the forum but, if you are not registered, you can still view all the posts by going to and clicking on General Discussion. If you are not registered and click on the reply button, the system will prompt you to register. All you need for this are a username, email address and password.

I hope as many people as possible will visit the forum and express their view.

Cornwall Online Chess

Since OTB play was suspended in March 2020, team and individual competition has moved online.

All the up to date information about our online activities has been moved to

Cornwall Chess Trust

Following a generous bequest in the will of David Saqui, the Cornwall Chess Trust was created for the purpose of using the money in accordance with his express wishes for the benefit of the development of chess in Cornwall.

More informationn can be found at

Spurious Games

Our County Association president David Jenkins has published Spurious Games (Troubadour Press), a novel with relevance to the local chess scene. You can find more information here.

Last updated 27/7/2021

Online events
The calendar of online events has been moved to
OTB events
Nov 12 (Fri)
3 days
Torbay Congress
"... we are planning to hold the 2021 Congress at the Toorak Hotel. We hope to start accepting entries for the 2021 Congress around the middle of 2021."
Congress website
Feb 5 (Sat)
2 days
Kidlington Congress
"... we have booked our usual venue, Exeter Hall.
Further information about next year’s event will be posted when confirmed, and full details along with entry forms will be available later in the year."
Congress website
Apr 29 - May 1 (Fri)
3 days

2nd Cornwall Spring Congress
A provisional booking has been made at the Falmouth Hotel, venue of the 2019 congress, to be confirmed later in the year.
For updates, details of arrangements and entry form, visit the congress web page

This Week's Cartoon

We may be the only chess website in the UK to employ a resident cartoonist, Dee Jay, who used to be an art teacher in his youth. The cartoons, in black ink and watercolour, combine thoughts on the noble game with local interest. Click on the image to enlarge and here for the cartoon archive. The victims of any satirical cartoon are welcome to request the original drawing on art paper.

Dee Jay 30/3/2021