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ECF Ratings: 2023/2024
Based on games played in the year ended 31st August 2023

The two columns under the heading "Team Comp" contain the definitive lists of the ratings to be used for the purposes of the team competitions: SP for the Shield and Arthur Busby Cup, QP for the 500 League and Minor League.

Subject to the next paragraph, player eligibility for all team competitions that run throughout the season is determined by the September 2023 list, which includes results of games played on 31 August 2023 or earlier.

A player who is treated as unrated at the beginning of the season, and therefore eligible to be be assigned a rating of 1000 or 800 under General Rule 10(b), will continue to be so treated unless an amendment is required under rule 10(f). Rule 10(f) also applies to players assigned an estimated grade for the purposes of our team competitions.

These ratings will be used to determine the eligibility of players and board orders for the team competitions during the whole season.

The suffix "E" indicates an estimated rating where a player is shown on the ECF list with a P (provisional) rating or is unrated where, on the basis of available information, the assignment of a rating is justified

The suffix "N" indicates a new player given a rating of 1000 or 800 in accordance with General Rule 10(b)

Team Comp      
SP QP      
2556 2551 116336L GM John Nunn Bude
2143 2150E 355817E Rami Talab Falmouth & Truro
2059 1851 148665C Lloyd Retallick North Cornwall
2058 2123 115427J Jeremy Menadue Falmouth & Truro
2050 1825 120725J David Twine Calstock
2043 2083 283013K Duncan Irvine Calstock; Lerryn
2021 1936 152328E WFM Petra Nunn Bude
1975 1911 127662B Robin Kneebone Falmouth & Truro
1900 1900E 257886E Richard Clark Newquay
1900E 1900E 220987B Mark Hassall Falmouth & Truro
1897 1812 354158H Clive Rothery Newquay
1894 1810 161561A Jamie Morgan Camborne
1890 1956 111152J Ian George Camborne
1833 1945 293388D Richard Stephens Falmouth & Truro
1814 1521 330560A Kieran Macphail Newquay
1809 1747 286752H Richard Smith Camborne
1805 1800E 354038J Oliver Twentyman Falmouth & Truro
1764 1768 231118F David Pemberton Calstock
1796 2010 121754K Philip Williams Camborne
1795 1848 275132L Geoff Lingard Bude
1788 1750 117161G Marcus Pilling Falmouth & Truro
1795 1806 120611E Gary Trudeau Liskeard
1778 1425E 345142C Anthony Rundle North Cornwall
1768 1754 128104F Nigel Kirkman Calstock
1768 1732 286751F David J Jenkins Camborne
1763 1950 116197A Jeff Nicholas Camborne
1756 1384 343175H Ed Craddock North Cornwall
1753 1866 118692K Colin Sellwood Camborne
1752 1587 122652G Ian Murray Newquay
1750E 1750E 313667L David Grant North Cornwall
1728 1842 111239K Percy Gill Camborne
1700E 1700E 343262C Chris Brough Camborne
1698 1598 301658E Jason Henderson Calstock; Lerryn
1666 1786 102320C Mick Hill Calstock
1635 1631 352091C Aaron Hands Liskeard
1630 1625E 116718C Brian Parkin Liskeard
1625E 1659 181778E Jim Newbould Liskeard
1615 1743 117820K Ian Rescorla Bude
1609 1480 309388J Bryan Jones Falmouth & Truro; Camborne
1608 1518 353650G Ajna Fern Lerryn; North Cornwall
1604 1600E 255997D James Galloway Camborne
1600E 1600E 277538E Edward Ardner-Forsdyke Bude
1600E 1600E 330984J Mark Noel North Cornwall
1600E 1563 345154K Andy Beach Newquay
1600E 1600E 234887B Ben Smith Newquay
1600P 1517 357240H James Tuck Camborne
1567 1378 279126C Stephen Pearce Liskeard
1554 1581 156033F Maurice Richards Bude
1567 1378 279126C Stephen Pearce Liskeard
1546 1518 181785B Ian Renshaw Falmouth & Truro
1540 1645 170107B John Constable Bude
1540E 1540E 161564G Richard Nancarrow Newquay
1533 1525E 263970B Martin Jones Newquay
1501 1659 282735K Richard Humpleby Camborne
1500E 1500E NEW Martin Doherty North Cornwall
1500E 1500E 360827L Rafferty Renshaw Unattached
1500E 1514 360119F Dave Westwood Bude
1500E 1561 363490F Sam Nicholls Liskeard
1480 1386 304336J Andy Young Calstock
1472 1595 186045J Christine Constable Bude
1450E 1450E 282734H Russ Taylor Falmouth & Truro
1446 1586 161579J Philip Spargo Camborne
1434 1400E 323726G Evdokimova, Maria Falmouth & Truro
1415 1517 157495E Peter Doubleday Falmouth & Truro
1405 1270 103041D Don King Liskeard
1391 1400E 321272F Mark Reid Lerryn
1375 1349 294646E Phil James Lerryn
1354 1403 111052E Colin Gardiner Camborne
1353 1300 303428J Richard Hendin Calstock
1339 1382 279122F Hugh Brown Falmouth & Truro
1300E 1620 330985L Pat Scully Camborne
1285 1358 349549J Ben Barnett Camborne
1274 1275 296558G Rebecca Gardiner Camborne
1262 1550 304341B John James Camborne
1218 1345 181797J Eric Westlake Liskeard
1283 1181 320016E Lloyd Russell Bude
1200N 1237 361654K Reuben Medhurst Bude
1200E 1200E 365556J Clare Vaughan Camborne
1200E 1200E 365555G Angus Banks Camborne
1200E 1200E 364701J Taher Anjari Camborne
1200E 1233 323727J Juraj Piar Newquay
1143 1398 116537K Jack Otter Liskeard
1112 1112 330985L Pat Scully Camborne
1100E 1217 308491H Ashley Jones Camborne
1100 976 325456C Kieran Ongley Bude
1009 1000E 343593D Reece Cottam Liskeard
The following new players have been assigned a rating of 1000 or 800 in accordance with rule 10(b)
1000N 1000N 363107C Dom Richards Bude
1000N 1000N 361066E Rachel Ongley Bude
1000N 1000N 361065C Mike Helps Bude
1000N 1000N 363056A David Johnson Bude
800N 1555 360418E Benji Masters Bude
1000N 1000N 362132H John Threadgold Calstock
1000N 1000N 352498B Peter Rodgers Calstock
1000N 1000N 359839B Sam Turner Calstock
1000N 1000N 297917C Joel Needham Camborne
1000N 1000N 365603C Thomas Jefferson Camborne
800N 800N 354186B Thomas Palmer Camborne
800N 800N 354185L Ben Palmer Camborne
1000N 1000N 299981L Neil Hitchman Camborne
800N 800N 306373C George Hitchman Camborne
800N 800N 362408A Ege Demirtaş Camborne
800N 800N 365164C Baoye Liang Camborne
1000N 1000N 363880H Mike Mitchell Camborne
1000N 1000N 366184C Andy Hunt Camborne
1000N 1000N 305367K Sam Edwards Falmouth & Truro
1000N 1000N   Jamie Oliver Falmouth & Truro
1000N 1542 355467D Sergi Valiukh Lerryn
1000N 1220 355468F Daniel Mitchelmore Lerryn
1000N 1000N 355469H Brett Jackson Lerryn
1000N 1000N   Richard Morris Lerryn
800N 800N 365679C Zavial Marsh Lerryn
1000N 1470 355470D Oliver Vine Liskeard
1000N 1000N 363490F Sam Nicholls Liskeard
1000N 1000N   R Inderjeeth Liskeard
1000N 1000N   Aksinnia Yemelyanova Newquay
1000N 1000N   Aslam Labib Newquay
1000N 1000N   Seb Clery Newquay
1000N 1000N   Kilami Jones Newquay
1000N 1000N   Eddy Pope Newquay
1000N 1000N 361468C Gareth Tanner Newquay
1000N 1000N 359605K Mike Burr Newquay
1000N 1000N 365295G Robert Dyer Newquay
1000N 1000N 365294E Ella Dyer Newquay
1000N 1000N   John Coe Newquay
1000N 1000N   Keith Pope Newquay
1000N 1000N   Mason Morningstar Newquay
1000N 1000N   Sophie Wynter Newquay
1000N 1000N   John Fernley Newquay
1000N 1000N   Rob Dyer Newquay
1000N 1000N   Harvey Hunt Newquay
800N 800N 364773A Annabel Wise Newquay
800N 800N 365294E Ella Dyer Newquay
800N 800N 364701J Taher Anjari Cornwall Juniors
800N 800N 365242H Jakub Radziki Cornwall Juniors
800N 800N 364700G Ethan Soper Cornwall Juniors
800N 800N 365257K Huda Talab Cornwall Juniors
800N 800N 355817E Kamar Talab Cornwall Juniors
800N 800N 365242H Jakub Radzik Cornwall Juniors
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