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Cornwall Chess Trust - David Saqui R.I.P.

Introduction for chess players in Cornwall

This outline is addressed to to anyone with an interest in chess whether or not they are already part of Cornwall's chess community. We hope that it will be of interest to anyone wishing to play, whatever their level of skill, or simply help to encourage the development of the game among all age groups in the county. We hope it encourages discussion and we look forward to hearing your ideas.


David Saqui died in early 2019, and left part of his estate to local chess. According to his wishes, a charitable trust has been set up. Although there is obviously some overlap with the Cornwall County Chess Association (CCCA), with two committee members also being trustees, the trust is a an independent body, completely separate from the CCCA.

This generous bequest to chess amounts to about 130,000. The trustees are gradually investing this, aiming to generate around 4,000 per year to support chess in Cornwall and, possibly, the chess activities of local players when they travel out of Cornwall.


  • John James (Chairman)
  • Ian George (Secretary)
  • Percy Gill (Treasurer)
  • Lloyd Retallick (Investment)
  • Robin Kneebone (Publicity)

    Objects of the CCT

    We are a registered charity, and all expenditure must meet these two very broad aims that have been agreed with the charity commission:

  • The advancement of amateur sport by promoting the study and practice of chess in all its forms for the benefit of the residents of the County of Cornwall and persons in attendance at educational establishments in the County of Cornwall.
  • The advancement of education in the County of Cornwall by providing or assisting in the provision of facilities for the teaching, development and supervision of the playing of chess in the County of Cornwall, in particular but not exclusively amongst children and young people and those new to chess.

    Powers of the trustees

    Trustees are also authorised to exercise other powers, for example:

  • Raising funds
  • Buying or hiring property (equipment, venues)
  • Working with other charities, voluntary bodies (e.g. CCCA), and statutory bodies (e.g. schools)
  • to remunerate people
  • Carrying
  • Actions of trustees May 2019 - January 2021

    Regular meetings were held to draw up criteria to meet the requirements of the Charity Commission. Brief discussions have taken place about what the trustees would like to see implemented, but it was felt that ideas must come from as widely as possible across the membership. Probate was granted in Autumn 2020; the funds were received from the estate in November 2020. A small part of the money has been invested; more investments will be bought when they meet our Investment Sub-committee's criteria. A spending budget of 5,000 has been agreed for the financial period starting April 2021.

    Request for ideas

    The principal role of the trust is to initiate and make grants to support viable projects for the benefit of chess in Cornwall. An important aspect of the trustees' duties is to consider and approve, where appropriate, funding applications for the development of chess in Cornwall as they are submitted to us by the Cornwall County Chess Association, clubs, schools, community groups and individuals.

    Club members are invited to contribute their ideas on how their clubs can be improved by an injection of funds. The trust may, in principle, be open to suggestions on a subsidy for: a venue; training; equipment; congress expenses, such as venue hire and a fee for a Controller; a school chess club. Consideration would be given to covering advertising costs.

    Please ring or write with your ideas and suggestions to:

  • Ian George. Email: 3a.roskear@gmail.com. Tel: 01209 719727 or
  • Robin Kneebone. Email: chesscornwall@gmail.com. Tel: 07531 543651

    Applications for funds

    If you or your school/club/group have a project for the benefit of chess in Cornwall and wish to apply for funding from the trust, please complete the application form which can be downloaded in one of the following versions: MS Word, Open Office or PDF.

    Printable version