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Mon Jun 25

AGM and Secretaries' Meeting

Bickford Smith Bowling Club, Tuckingmill, Camborne, TR14 8RG. Commences at 7.00 p.m.

Sun Oct 28

Kerrier Cup

Marazion Community Centre, Gallon Lane, Marazion, TR17 0HW. Organiser: David J Jenkins. Full details to follow

Game of the Week
Twine v Kneebone
Devon v Cornwall, Bd.6
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Game of the Week

Trudeau v Cowley
Cornwall v Devon, Bd.11
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Game of the Week

2017/18 Season

Diary of the season
Cornwall grades
County matches

Chess Puzzle of the Day

There are 3 positions to solve of increasing difficulty. Choose L1, L2 or L3 and solve the displayed position by dragging and dropping the piece from one square to another on the board. "Hint" highlights a relevant square.

When you have finished one position you can put up another one and start again. "More" displays a graded series of training positions. The more difficult positions are usually at the higher levels of this section.

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UK Chess Challenge - Devon Megafinal

It is still possible to enter the Devon Megafinal which takes place at Churston Ferrers Grammar School, Brixham on Sunday 10th June.

  • U/7 - U/11 Cornwall juniors qualified from school stage of UK Chess Challenge but unable to play at Marazion on 19th May are eligible for the Devon event
  • U12 - U18s can take part without qualifying as long as their school entered the UK Chess Challenge.

Enter online only before 6th June. All details are here

Jeremy Menadue

AGM and Secretaries' Meeting

The annual general meeting of the association will be held on Monday 25th June at Bickford Smith Bowling Club, Tuckingmill, Camborne, TR14 8RG., commencing at 7.00 p.m.

Any motions requiring prior notice (i.e. those involving changes to the constitution or to the rules of competitions) should be emailed to me on or before 3.00 p.m. on Monday 11th June. On that date I will post the agenda of the meeting to the website together with a downloadable and printable version.

The Management Committee ("secretaries") meeting, for the purpose of discussing arrangements for the 2018/19 season, will follow the AGM after a brief interval. I will publish the agenda for this meeting at the same time as that for the AGM.


  • Would officers presenting written reports to the AGM please send them to me as soon as possible so that I can include them in the downloadable materials.

  • In order to assist Hugh, as League Secretary, to lead the discussion on the format of the 2018/19 team competitions, would clubs please inform him in good time before the meeting of what teams they intend to enter. Please also copy to me for the meeting papers.

  • Annual Congress
    We have two serious issues to overcome.

    Following various complaints from the committee at Carnon Downs Village Hall arising out of this year's event, the association will not be allowed to use it for a weekend event again. We therefore need to find a new venue.

    There are currently no plans for an annual weekend congress next season because previous organisers are not willing run it again. This is our premier event of the season and it is essential that in future clear arrangements are put in place beforehand for the efficient running of the congress. This will involve someone being in charge in charge of administration (including the booking and management of a suitable venue) and leading a team of helpers with defined roles.

  • In the 2017/18 season the number of events organised fell to an all time low. Apart from the Peter Clarke Memorial at Bude and the annual congress, there were only two club championships and a number of informal club events. We badly need a number of organising teams to put on some tournaments to increase the amount of competitive chess activity in the county. I will include an agenda item for this.

  • Election of Officers
    A number of officers are not seeking re-election. Now that he is living abroad county match captain, Mark Hassall, is standing down. Richard Smith is standing as his replacement. The office of secretary has been vacant for two years and I am volunteering for a second term of office. Kenton Richings having stood down, we need a new junior secretary. In addition Robin Kneebone has expressed an interest in acting as Publicity Officer and I wil propose that he be co-opted to the Executive Committee in this role

Ian George

Cornwall v Surrey - 12th May

This match, played at East Huntspill Community Hall, Somerset, resulted is a win for Surrey by 12 - 4. Full result here

Mark Hassall

ECF membership - Final Reminder

If you have played or are likely to play more than 3 games in the year to 31st August 2018, You have until 30th June to acquire or renew membership of the ECF. The cost of a membership at Bronze level is £16. If you fail to do this you or your club will be charged a game fee of £15.

Ian George

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

This comes into force on 25th May, 2018 and applies to the Cornwall County Chess Association and all the clubs. It sets out the circumstances in which personal data may be collected, processed and retained and the manner in which this is to be carried out. All those concerned with organising chess in Cornwall (association and clubs) need to review their data handling procedures to ensure that they are within the law

The ECF has published a very useful document explaining the regulation and how it affects chess organisations. It can be found here. The website of the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) contains official guidance on data protection. This can be found here. Its guidance on GDPR can be found here

Ian George

Junior Chess

Cornwall Chess provides a full programme for juniors with competitions, including age-group Cornwall championships for all years from Under 7 to Under 18.

Further details and advice for parents, here

Get involved!

Please send news of Cornwall chess events, interesting games, corrections, notifications, broken links and suggestions for improving the website to Ian George

Last updated 24/5/2018

League and Cup Results 2017/18 Season

Complete fixture lists for each club can be found on the club pages

Expanded league tables, the draws for the cup competitions and links to the detailed results are here.

County Shield

Win = 4, draw = 2, loss = 1, default = 0 points

Penwith 10 32
Camborne 10 32
Truro 10 28
Falmouth 9 19
Liskeard 10 17
Newquay 9 10
Played at Camborne on 18/05/2018
  Camborne 3 - 2 Falmouth
1 178 James Hooker 0 - 1 Robin Kneebone 164
2 167 Ian George 0 - 1 Grant Healey UG
3 155 Richard Smith 1 - 0 Toby Willis UG
4 153 Colin Sellwood 1 - 0 Ian Renshaw 121
5 140 Jeff Nicholas 1 - 0 Sharath Kumar UG

Camborne had white on the odd boards

Played at Ludgvan on 15/05/2018
  Penwith 2 - 3 Truro
1 178 Mark Watkins ½ - ½ Jeremy Menadue 191
2 169 David Saqui 0 - 1 Grant Healey UG
3 144 Percy Gill ½ - ½ Adam Hussain 145
4 141 Jan Rodrigo 0 - 1 Marcus Pilling 145
5 139 David J Jenkins 1 - 0 Toby Willis UG

Truro had white on the odd boards

Played at Liskeard on 14/05/2018
  Liskeard 3½ - 1½ Newquay
1 148 Gary Trudeau 1 - 0 Lloyd Retallick 174
2 128 Keith Brewer ½ - ½ Barry Moss 146
3 122 Brian Parkin ½ - ½ David Grant UG
4 121 David R Jenkins ½ - ½ Richard Nancarrow 106
5 117 Maurice Richards 1 - 0 Ted Needham-Williams 43

Liskeard had white on the odd boards

Roberts Cup

Win = 4, draw = 2, loss = 1, default = 0 points

Newquay 12 38
Truro 11 33
Falmouth 12 31
Calstock 12 25
Liskeard 12 23
Bude 11 22
Camborne 12 22
Played at Carnon Downs on 23/05/2018
  Falmouth 2½ - 1½ Bude
1 UG Grant Healey ½ - ½ Ian Rescorla 128
2 121 Ian Renshaw 0 - 1 Geoff Lingard 125
3 103 Bryan Jones 1 - 0 John Constable 120
4 89 Colin Gardiner 1 - 0 Christin Constable 98
Bude had white on the odd boards
Played at Newquay on 22/05/2018
  Newquay 2½ - 1½ Truro
1 146 Barry Moss ½ - ½ Robin Kneebone 164
2 UG David Grant 1 - 0 Adam Hussain 145
3 137 Richard Clark 1 - 0 Marcus Pilling 145
4 116 Martin Jones 0 - 1 Toby Willis UG

500 League

Win = 4, draw = 2, loss = 1, default = 0 points

West Division
Camborne 6 22
Penwith 6 16
Truro 6 12
Falmouth 6 9
East Division
Bude 6 19
Liskeard 6 13
Calstock 6 13
Lerryn 6 12
Final: Played at Blisland on 21/02/2018
  Bude 1½ - 6½ Camborne
1 125 Geoff Lingard ½ - 1½ Ian George 162
2 132 Ian Rescorla 0 - 2 Richard Smith 154
3 117 John Constable 1 - 1 Philip Spargo 99
4 95 Robert Bloxham 0 - 2 Thomas Oates 68

A. W. Busby Cup
Final: Played at Ludgvan on 20/02/2018
  Penwith 2½ - 2½ Carrick
1 178 Mark Watkins ½ - ½ Jeremy Menadue 191
2 169 David Saqui ½ - ½ Mark Hassall 168
3 144 Percy Gill 1 - 0 Robin Kneebone 164
4 141 Jan Rodrigo ½ - ½ Richard Stephens 160
5 129 Kenton Richings 0 - 1 Adam Hussain 145

Penwith won on board elimination

Roger Grime Cup (U135)
Final: Played at Blisland on 15/02/2018
  Bude 4 - 0 Penwith
1 125 Geoff Lingard 1 - 0 Kenton Richings 129
2 120 John Constable 1 - 0 Richard Humpleby 114
3 98 Christine Constable 1 - 0 Harvey Richings 111
4 95 Robert Bloxham 1 - 0 John James 68