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Diary - 2019/20 Season

Camborne Christmas Quickplay - 13 December

This year's festive quickplay was our most successful yet. 24 players, 13 form Camborne and 11 from Falmouth/Truro, competed in a five-round Swiss. Joint winners with 4 points were Robin Kneebone, Percy Gill and Tom Oates. The highlight of the evening was the munificent and varied buffet laid on by our treasurer, Debbie Smith, who also provided a constant stream of liquid refreshment with the assistance of Tracey Oates. Everyone seemed to have a good time and more than 50 prizes were distributed to players and non-combatants alike with nobody going home empty-handed.

The fimal standings were as follows, Falmouth/Truro players marked with an asterisk

The evening was enlivened by the presence of a time traveller in Wild West dress.

You are invited to use your skill and judgment to identify this person. Was it:

Ian George

Cornwall v Somerset - 5/10/2019

The first match of the season, at Victory Hall, Exminster, resulted in a win for Cornwall by 9½ - 6½. Thanks to all who played and provided transport. Particular thanks to Debbie Smith who provided a range of refreshments. Full results are here and some games will feature in Game of the Week when I receive them.

Richard Smith

Peter and Peggy Clarke Memorial Rapidplay

This year's event was held at the Parkhouse Centre on September 14th. There 19 entries including a welcome appearance by new Bude member GM John Nunn who won the 1st prize with 6/6. Matthew wilson and Giles Body were equale 2nd on 4½. Grading prizes were won by Brian Gosling, Ken Alexander, Ian Rescorla (Under 155) and Hazel Welch (Under 120).

Final Standings

Geoff Lingard v GM John Nunn

Peter Clarke represented England in the Olympiads from 1954 to 1968. In 1966, when the event was held in Havana, Cuba, he played top board. At the end of the tournament Fidel Castro gave each top board a specially commissioned chess set and chess table that had been used in the competition and paid for it to be shipped back to the respective countries. The table and set are still in the family’s possession and they brought it down from Derbyshire to be used as the top board in this tournament.

Ian George

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