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Junior Championships (Under 12 to Under 8)
List of Winners
A list of Under 18 to Under 13 Championship winners is here
  U12 U11 U10 U9 U8
2016/17 A. Hussain
X. Laurillard
A. Hussain H. Laurillard M. Hussain
J. Chen
R. Curbishley
2015/16 A. Hussain N. Ivanauskas G. Ramsey S. Richings C. Frankland
2014/15 H. Richings H. Richings A. Hussain
L. Strevens
A. Hussain S. Richings
2013/14 J. Andrew K. Chappell
E. Cooper
C. Heath
H. Richings C. Woodall C. Woodall

2004 B. Hardwick T. Mellor K. Bhardwaj H. Thomas J. Barnes
2003 J. Ward B. Hardwick J. Keech T. Kinsbury C. Jaycock
M. Guthrie
2002 P. Sirl B. Hardwick E. Sirl E. Sirl J. Jaycock
2001 J. P. G. Kneebone E. Ward J. Ward E. Sirl E. Sirl
2000 R. Wong J. P. G. Kneebone J. P. G. Kneebone E. Sirl E. Sirl
1999 F. Wallace F. Wallace J. P. G. Kneebone J. P. G. Kneebone L. Weatherly
1998 D. J. Cooke   J. P. G. Kneebone F. Wallace  
No junior championships were held between 2005 and 2012

Last updated 14/11/2017