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Other Individual Competitions
List of Winners
  Kerrier Cup Aelred Horn Cup Others
2024 I. M. George   1st David Jenkins Memorial Cup
2023 I. M. George
R. F. G. Kneebone
P. J. Williams
  3rd Spring Congress
2nd Autumn Congress
2022 -   2nd Spring Congress
1st Autumn Congress
2021 -    
2020 -    
2019 -   1st Spring Congress
2018 I. M. George    
2017 J. F. S.Menadue
R. F. G. Kneebone
  Grand Prix
2016 D. A. J. Saqui    
2015 T. L. Slade   Grand Prix
2014 -    
2013 L. Retallick    
2012 S. Bartlett
G. Healey
J. F. S. Menadue
2011 I. M. George    
2010 L. Retallick    
2009 R. F. G. Kneebone    
2008 M. I. Hassall    
2007 C. Sellwood    
2006 R. F. G. Kneebone    
2005 D. A. J. Saqui    
2004 I. M. George J. F. S. Menadue  
2003 D. J. Cooke J. F. S. Menadue  
2002 I. M. George D. A. J. Saqui  
2001 D. A. J. Saqui No contest  
2000 D. A. J. Saqui R. J. Grime  
1999 R. M. Horner P. J. Hutchings  
1998 P. J. Hutchings A. N. Greet  
1997   A. N. Greet  
1996   A. N. Greet  
1995   A. N. Greet  
1994   I. M. George  
1993   J. F. S. Menadue  


The Kerrier Cup started in 1998 as a three-day Swiss held in the summer for Camborne and Godolphin players. From 1999 it has been an open event, becoming a one-day rapidplay event in 2004. Following the suspension of OTB chess as a result of the Covid pandemic it resumed in 2023 as the Camborne club rapidplay championship.

The Aelred Horn Cup was a knock-out competition in which the early rounds took place in players' homes or clubs with the semi-finals and final being played on the same day at a single location.

Last updated 21/3/2024