Welcome to the website of the Cornwall County Chess Association
Meeting Night
Fortnightly on Wednesdays
Venue (Map)
The Lowenac Hotel
34 Basset Road
TR14 8SL
Tel: 01209 719295
Philip Williams
Secretary and Treasurer
Ian George
01209 719727 (h)
Coaching Organiser
Robin Kneebone
0753 1543651
Venue for matches

Camborne Community Centre
9 South Terrace
TR14 8SU

Team Captains and Fixtures
County Shield "A" team
Jeff Nicholas
Tel: 01209 715067
Match night: Fridays
Fixtures and results
Loss 15/09/2023 1-3 Camborne B
Win 08/11/2023 3-1 Calstock
Loss 24/11/2023 1½-2½ Newquay
Draw 27/11/2023 2-2 North Cornwall
Away 04/12/2023 Mon Falmouth & Truro
Home 12/01/2024 Fri Bude
Away 05/02/2024 Mon Camborne B
Away 04/03/2024 Mon Newquay
Home 22/03/2024 Fri Calstock
Home 12/04/2024 Fri North Cornwall
Home 26/04/2024 Fri Falmouth & Truro
Away 09/05/2024 Thu Bude
County Shield "B" team
Percy Gill
Tel: 01736 740757
Match night: Mondays
Fixtures and results
Win 15/09/2023 3-1 Camborne A
Loss 02/10/2023 1-3 Falmouth & Truro
Loss 27/11/2023 1½-2½ Newquay
Away 14/12/2023 Thu Bude
Home 08/01/2024 Mon Calstock
Home 12/01/2024 Fri North Cornwall
Home 05/02/2024 Mon Camborne A
Away 26/02/2024 Mon Falmouth & Truro
Away 18/03/2024 Mon North Cornwall
Home 08/04/2024 Mon Newquay
Home 26/04/2024 Fri Bude
Away 08/05/2024 Wed Calstock
Quickplay League "A" team
Richard Smith
Tel: 07549 185955
Match night: Fridays
Fixtures and results
Loss 16/10/2023 2½-5½ Falmouth & Truro
Win 27/10/2023 4½-3½ Camborne B
Win 20/11/2023 5½-2½ Newquay
Away 29/01/2024 Mon Falmouth & Truro
Home 19/02/2024 Mon Camborne B
Home 15/04/2024 Mon Newquay
Quickplay League "B" team
Colin Sellwood
Tel: 01209 216135
Match night: Mondays
Fixtures and results
Loss 27/10/2023 3½-4½ Camborne A
Loss 20/11/2023 3-5 Falmouth & Truro
Win 24/11/2023 4½-3½ Falmouth & Truro
Away 22/01/2024 Mon Newquay
Away 19/02/2024 Mon Camborne A
Home 29/03/2024 Fri Newquay
Minor League
Philip Spargo
Tel: 07977 767328
Match night: Fridays
Fixtures and results
Loss 19/09/2023 3-5 Lerryn
Loss 12/10/2023 Default Bude
Win 17/11/2023 5-3 Lerryn
Away TBA Mon Liskeard
Home 19/01/2024 Fri Liskeard
Home 05/04/2024 Fri Bude
Home 12/04/2024 Fri Newquay
Away 29/04/2024 Mon Newquay
A. W. Busby Cup
Jeff Nicholas
Tel: 01209 715067
Match night: Mondays
Fixtures and results
Win 08/09/2023 2½-1½ Fal/Tru
Away TBA   Bude
Philip Williams
Ian George
Robin Kneebone
Jeff Nicholas
Colin Sellwood
Percy Gill
Richard Smith
Philip Spargo
John James
Important note for drivers

It is a requirement of the hotel that the registration numbers of vehicles parked in their car park are reported to hotel reception immediately on entering the hotel. If you fail to do this, you may incur a financial penalty

Ian George

For more information about the club please contact:
Ian George 01209 719727
Robin Kneebone 07531 543651
About the club

Go here to visit the club's Facebook page.

Next club night: Friday 15 December - Christmas QP
  • Please note that there will be no meeting on Wednesday 13 December.
  • The next club meeting will be our popular annual Christmas Quickplay. on Friday 15 December, starting at 7.15.
  • This will be held at Bickford Smith Bowling Club, Pavilion Park, Tuckingmill, Camborne, TR14 8RG.
    If you park in the car park, is advisable to approach the entrance gate from the tarmac path rather than via the "shortcut" along the hedge which can be slippery.
  • The evening will consist of a five-round unrated rapidplay tournament at a time control of 12/5.
  • After round 2, at approximately 8.15, there will be a break for refreshments, kindly provided by Debbie Smith, followed at approximately 8.45 - 9.00 by round 3-5. Those who have attended this event previously will be aware that this, and not the chess, is the highlight of the evening.
  • When play is finished there will be a distribution of "prizes". It is a strict rule that no one, whether playing or not, goes home empty-handed.
  • It is anticipated that the event will end between 10.30 and 10.45. If you are playing and need to go home early, please let me know before I do the draw for the next round.
  • Although you can just turn up, so that Debbie and I can estimate numbers for the refreshments and tournament set up, please email me at if you are going to come. If you have not entered beforehand and arrive after 7.00, you may need to start in round 2 with a first-round bye.
  • Chess equipment will be available for juniors not participating in the tournament if they wish to play friendly games instead.
    2023/24 Club Championship

    Round 3 of this season's club championship is on Wednesday 24 January 2024 at 7.15 p.m.

  • Details, rules, pairings, results and standings are here.
  • 2023/24 Camborne Grand Prix

    This will combine a number of the tournaments played at the club, including the club championship. There will be cash prizes. including grading prizes.

    Full details.   Rules   Standings and list of included events

    The 4th tournament in this season's Grand Prix was a 5/5 blitz, played on 15 November. The winner was Ian George on 5/6. Colin Sellwood, Philip Williams and Percy Gill were 2nd= on 4½. Cross table.

    2023/24 Season

    At club meetings throughout the season, Robin Kneebone will lead a coaching session starting at 6 p.m. The planned club event will start at 7.15 The sessions will be in a variety of formats:

  • 1) Rapidplay tournaments at a rate of 12 minutes for all the moves with 5 second increments from move 1. This will include the Club rapidplay championship for the Kerrier Cup.
  • 2) Blitz tournaments at a rate of 5 minutes for all the moves with 3 second increments from move 1.
  • 3) 2 themed tournaments where play will start after a few moves of a selected opening. One will feature normal openings, the other will be a gambit tournament.
  • 4) Club championship at the standard play rate of 75 minutes for all the moves with 10 second increments from move 1. There will be 6 rounds, each played at a separate club meeting. The tournament winner will receive the club championship trophy (Trevor Johns Cup) and the highest ranked player rated under 1600 will receive the Philip Williams Cup.
  • 5) The Christmas Quickplay is at our old venue, Bickord Smith Bowling Club, Tuckingmill on Friday 15 December. The chess tournament is really an excuse for a Christmas party. The usual high quality refreshments will be provided by Debbie Smith and everyone gets a prezzie (sorry, I should have said prize).
  • For all the dates, see the calendar on the web page.

    In addition to the Wednesday programme, I'm pleased to say the the county team competitions are re-starting after the break for Covid. We have a full and busy programme. We are running teams in the following competitions:

  • County Shield: 2 teams captained by Jeff Nicholas and Percy Gill.
  • Quickplay League: 2 teams captained by Richard Smith and Colin Sellwood.
  • Minor League: For players rated below 1650. 1 team captained by Philip Spargo
  • A. W. Busby Cup: County Shield: 1 team captained by Jeff Nicholas.

    The team captains will endeavour to give ample opportunities to play for all those who wish to take part. I hope that you will wish to join a team.

    All the home matches will be played on Mondays and Fridays at Camborne Community Centre.

    All the fixture dates are listed in the calendar right-hand column.

    Annual General Meeting

    The club AGM was held on Wednesday 24 May. The minutes and related papers can be viewed here

    At the Annual General Meeting on 24 May 2023, it was decided that the arrangements for the 2023/24 season will be as follows:

  • The club will continue to meet on alternate Wednesdays at the Lowenac Hotel, Basset Road, Camborne. The programme of events is in the right-hand column.
  • When the Cornwall county teamm competitions resume in the Autumn, matches will be played at our previous venue, Bickford Smith Bowling Club, Tuckingmill
  • Meetings will start at 6 p.m. with an hour's coaching session for juniors and beginners led by Robin Kneebone. This will be followed by the main event at 7.15 p.m.
  • Fees

  • Choice of £25 subscription for the season or £3 per session attended.
  • If a player opts for the £25 subscription, any session fees already paid will be deducted.
  • The junior subscription of £25 gives membership of both the Camborne and Falmouth & Truro clubs
  • We offer a family discount for juniors. For two children from the same family, the total payable is £35, for three or more: £45. This covers membership of both Camborne and Falmouth & Truro clubs.
  • Adults and children from the same family
    2 adults £45
    2 adults + 1 child £55
    2 adults + 2 or more children £65
    1 adult + 1 child £40
    1 adult + 2 or more children £50
  • For members joining on or after 1 January 2024 the membership subscriptions are £15, £20 and £25.
  • There will be a board fee of £3 per player for home and away matches. uniors will play free of charge. Drivers to away matches will not be charged.
  • Activities

  • Events of different kinds will be organised (see right-hand column and below). The intention is to offer a variety of formats at fast and slower time controls to suit all preferences. In addition there will be a small number of social evenings where players can play informal games.
  • Chess equipment will be available for those who wish to play casual games.
  • Support for motor expenses to away matches

    The trustees of the Cornwall Chess Trust have agreed to offer financial support to clubs for the cost of travelling to away matches. Details of the scheme and the application form can be found here.


    At the Annual General Meeting on 24 May 2023 the members approved the club constitution which can be viewed here. The club is now a formally constituted inincorporated association. This will allow us to open a bank account in the club's name and make for a smooth succession process when committee members withdraw or retire.

    Club Championship
    This will run throughout the season. Arrangements are:
  • Six round Swiss.
  • Time control: 75 minute + 10 seconds increment from move 1.
  • Games to be played at the club meetings on the dates shown in the right-hand column unless the players agree an alternative date.
  • Games to be submitted for rating in the Standard Play list.
  • Single section with grading prizes
  • The tournament winner will receive the club championship trophy (Trevor Johns Cup) and the highest ranked player rated under 1600 will receive the Philip Williams Cup.
  • Dates of rounds in calendar in the right-hand column.
  • Entries to Ian George ( by Monday 16 October 2023 to guarantee inclusion in the draw for round 1.
  • Details, rules, entry list, results and standings are here.

    Last updated 30/11/2023

    Team Competition Results
    Results (all competitions and teams)
    Board scores - Camborne (all competitions)
    League tables
    Rules (complete set)
    Calendar 2023/24

    Please note that on all the non-match dates below the club will be open for anyone to come and play, whether they are involved in the event or not.

    County Shield (Camborne A)
    County Shield (Camborne B)
    Quickplay League (Camborne A)
    Quickplay League (Camborne B)
    Minor League
    A. W. Busby Cup
    Dec 4 Mon Falmouth & Truro v Camborne A
    Dec 14 Thu Bude v Camborne B (Roche)
    Dec 15 Fri Christmas QP (BSBC)
    TBA TBA Bude v Camborne
    TBA Mon Liskeard v Camborne
    Jan 8 Mon Camborne B v Calstock (Roche)
    Jan 10 Wed Rapid - Openings (12/5)
    Jan 12 Fri Camborne A v Bude
    Jan 12 Fri Camborne B v North Cornwall
    Jan 19 Fri Camborne v Liskeard
    Jan 22 Mon Newquay v Camborne B
    Jan 24 Wed Club championship (Rd.3)
    Jan 29 Mon Falmouth & Truro v Camborne A
    Feb 5 Mon Camborne B v Camborne A
    Feb 7 Wed GP Kerrier Cup 12/5 Rapid
    Feb 19 Mon Camborne A v Camborne B
    Feb 26 Mon Falmouth & Truro v Camborne B
    Mar 4 Mon Newquay v Camborne A
    Mar 6 Wed Club championship (Rd.4)
    Mar 18 Mon North Cornwall v Camborne B
    Mar 20 Wed Coaching Presentation
    Mar 22 Fri Camborne A v Calstock (Roche)
    Mar 29 Fri Camborne B v Newquay
    Apr 3 Wed Club championship (Rd.5)
    Apr 5 Fri Camborne v Bude
    Apr 8 Mon Camborne B v Newquay
    Apr 12 Fri Camborne A v North Cornwall
    Apr 12 Fri Camborne v Newquay
    Apr 15 Mon Camborne A v Newquay
    Apr 17 Wed GP 5/5 Blitz (6 rounds)
    Apr 26 Fri Camborne B v Bude
    Apr 26 Fri Camborne A v Falmouth & Truro
    Apr 29 Mon Newquay v Camborne
    May 1 Wed Club championship (Rd.6)
    May 8 Wed Calstock v Camborne B (Roche)
    May 9 Thu Bude v Camborne A (Roche)
    May 15 Wed Rapid - Gambits (12/5)
    May 29 Wed Annual General Meeting
    Player Ratings (2023/24)
    The full rating list of all players in Cornwall is here
    Bryan Jones and Peter Doubleday will be available for the Minor League team only.
      SP QP
    Jamie Morgan 1894 1810
    Ian George 1890 1956
    Richard Smith 1809 1747
    Philip Williams 1796 2010
    David Jenkins 1768 1732
    Jeff Nicholas 1763 1950
    Colin Sellwood 1753 1866
    Percy Gill 1728 1842
    Chris Brough 1700E 1700E
    Bryan Jones 1609 1518
    James Galloway 1604 1600E
    James Tuck 1600P 1517
    Richard Humpleby 1501 1659
    Philip Spargo 1446 1586
    Peter Doubleday 1415 1517
    Colin Gardiner 1354 1350E
    Pat Scully 1300E 1620
    Rebecca Gardiner 1274 1275E
    John James 1262 1300E
    Ben Barnett 1258 1300E
    Ashley Jones 1119 1100E
    Neil Hitchman 1000N 1000N
    George Hitchman 1000N 1000N
    Joel Needham 1000N 1000N
    Ege Demirtaş 800N 800N
    Thomas Palmer 800N 800N
    Ben Palmer 800N 800N

    Club Champions (Trevor Johns Cup)

    2022-23 Jamie Morgan
    2021/22 Not held
    2020/21 Not held
    2019/20 Unfinished
    2018/19 James Hooker
    2017/18 Ian George
    2016/17 Colin Sellwood
    2015/16 David Saqui
    2014/15 Mark Watkins
    Robin Kneebone
    2013/14 Mark Watkins
    2012/13 Mark Watkins
    2011/12 Not held
    2010/11 Not held
    2009/10 Not held
    2008/09 Not held
    2007/08 Ian George
    Philip Williams
    2006/07 Not held
    2005/06 Ian George
    2004/05 Philip Willliams
    2003/04 Ian George
    2002/03 Bas Geelhoed
    2001/02 Ian George
    2000/01 Philip Hutchings
    1999/00 Ian George
    1998/99 Ian George
    1997/98 Philip Williams
    1996/97 Roland Cole
    1995/96 Ian George
    1994/95 Philip Williams
    1993/94 Philip Williams
    Philip Hutchings
    1992/93 Ian George
    Roland Cole
    1991/92 Ian George
    1990/91 Ian George
    Roland Cole
    1989/90 Not held
    1988/89 Not held
    1987/88 Ian George
    1986/87 Philip Williams
    1985/86 Jeff Nicholas
    1984/85 Philip Williams
    Roger Grime
    1983/84 Philip Williams
    1982/83 Ian George
    1981/82 Jeff Nicholas
    1980/81 Roger Grime
    1979/80 Nick Cummings

    Under 125 Champions (Philip Williams Cup)

    2022-23 Richard Humpleby
    2021/22 Not held
    2020/21 Not held
    2019/20 Unfinished
    2018/19 Bryan Jones
    2017/18 Not held
    2016/17 Not held
    2015/16 Kenton Richings
    2014/15 Richard Humpleby

    Club Links

    Picture Gallery