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Camborne Chess Club - News Archive

2018/19 Season
Open Rapidplay - 12 April

Held at Centenary Methodist church, 14 players entered, including 2 from Carrick. Grant Healey had to take a bye in round 1 and proceeded to win four in a row to take a well-deserved first prize of 50 Philip Williams, in a welcome appearance shared second prize with Jeff Nicholas (20 each) U130 and U110 grading prizes of 20 each went to Tom Oates and Colin Gardiner.

Once again the fabulous buffet laid on provided by Debbie was the highlight of the event.

Final Standings

  • : Grant Healey (CAR)
  • : Jeff Nicholas, Philip Williams
  • 3 : Colin Sellwood, Thomas Oates
  • : Philip Spargo, Colin Gardiner, Richard Smith, John Wilman
  • 2 : Colin Long, Hugh Brown (CAR), Anton Barkhuysen
  • : Craig Fenwick
  • 0: Rebecca Gardiner

Ian George

Camborne Christmas Quickplay - December 7

Our annual Christmas quickplay attracted 18 players this year, 9 each from Camborne and Carrick. First equal were Colin Sellwood, Robin Kneebone and Grant Healey with 4/5. The junior prize was won by Tom Oates and grading prizes went Boris Kostadinov, Philip Spargo and Hugh Brown. In Addition all present(including non-players) went home with a "prize".

As usual the substantial and delicious refreshments provided by Debbie, assisted by Sonia and Tracey, were the highlight of the event. Many thanks to all the players who brought one or more items for the prize-giving, ensuring that nobody went home empty handed.

Final Standings

  • 4 : Colin Sellwood (CBN), Robin Kneebone (CAR), Grant Healey (CAR)
  • : Richard Smith (CBN)
  • 3 : Boris Kostadinov (CAR), Colin Long (CBN), Philip Spargo (CBN), Thomas Oates (CBN)
  • : Martin Pope (CBN), Bryan Jones (CAR), Hugh Brown (CAR)
  • 2 : Craig Fenwick (CBN), Rebecca Gardiner (CBN)
  • : Tamara Burgess (CAR), Ian Renshaw (CAR)
  • 1 : , Colin Gardiner (CBN), Ivan Gerasimenko (CAR)
  • ½: Ray Proost (CAR)

Ian George

Gambit Tournament - November 16

A significantly increased entry saw 15 players contest a five-round Swiss using the time control under the Fischer system of 10 minutes each with 20 seconds added after every move. The opening for each round was drawn by lot from a list of 20 gambits. This format ensured that most of the players (except the Camborne secretary, of course!) were soon out of their comfort zone. As last year Debbie provided a substantial and tasty buffet which was much appreciated by everyone.

The convincing winner, with 5/5 was Jeremy Menadue with Robin Kneebone and Richard Smith 2nd= on 3.5. Grading prizes were won by Bryan Jones (U140) and Ian Renshaw (U105)

The openings were:

  • 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.d4 cxd4 4.c3 (Goring Gambit)
  • 1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Nf6 3.f4 (Vienna Gambit)
  • 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e5 3.dxe5 Ne4 (Fajarowicz Gambit)
  • 1.f4 e5 2.fxe5 (From's Gambit)
  • 1.e4 e6 2.Nf3 d5 3.e5 c5 4.b4 ("Simon Bartlett Memorial gambit")

Final Standings

  • 5: Jeremy Menadue (CBN),
  • : Richard Smith (CBN), Robin Kneebone (CAR)
  • 3: Ian George (CBN), Colin Sellwood (CBN), Bryan Jones (CAR), Toby Willis (CAR)
  • : Boris Kostadinov (CAR), Colin Long (CBN), Ian Renshaw (CAR)
  • 2: George Black (CAL)
  • : Hugh Brown (CAR), Craig Fenwick (CBN)
  • 1 : David Jenkins (CAL), Brent Cole (CBN)

Ian George

2017/18 Season
Gambit Tournament - March 23

Ten players braved the wintry conditions for a five round Swiss in which the opening for each round was drawn by lot from a list of 14 gambits. This format gave rise to many exciting games. The buffet provided by Debbie was much appreciated by everyone.

There was a welcome, if brief, return to active play after four years by Philip Williams who finished 1st= with Ian George.

The openings were:

  • "Simon Bartlett Memorial gambit" (1.e4 e6 2.Nf3 d5 3.e5 c5 4.b4)
  • Scotch Gambit
  • Latvian Counter Gambit
  • Evans Gambit
  • Cochrane Gambit

Congratulations to all those who came out to play in a style not necessarily within their comfort zone. We hope for a few more when we hold another gambit tournament next season.

Final Standings

  • 4: Philip Williams (CBN), Ian George (CBN)
  • : Colin Sellwood (CBN), Robin Kneebone (TRU)
  • : Richard Smith (CBN)
  • 2: Jeff Nicholas (CBN), Conor Hicks(CBN), Thomas Oates (CBN)
  • : David Jenkins (CAL)
  • 0 : Hugh Brown (TRU)

Ian George

Club Championship

Ian George is the new club champion following a last round draw with Robin Kneebone who finished 2nd= on 3½ together with David Jenkins and Colin Sellwood. There were 16 entries. Round by round and results here.

Ian George (Controller)

500 League

With Richard Smith as captain (and driver!) our 500 League team won the 2017/18 competition with a 5-1-0 record and defeated Bude in the county final. As a result of his outstanding performance of 10/12 Tom Oates was presented with a player of the season award. The following players represented the team:

  • Ian George (9½/12)
  • Richard Smith (7/10)
  • Philip Spargo (7/14)
  • Tom Oates (10/12)
  • Colin Sellwood (2/4)
  • Conor Hicks (4/4)

Left: Richard Smith presents Tom with his trophy
Right: Richard Smith, Ian George, Philip Spargo, Conor Hicks, Tom Oates. Not present: Colin Sellwood.

Ian George

Christmas Rapidplay

Our annual Christmas quickplay was held this year on 15th December, controlled by Ian George. The winner was Colin Sellwood with 4½/5. There were 16 players.

As usual the delicious refreshments provided by Debbie were the highlight of the event. Many thanks to all the players who brought one or more items for the prize-giving, ensuring that nobody went home empty handed.

Final Standings

  • : Colin Sellwood (CAR)
  • 4 : David Saqui (PEN), Jan Rodrigo (PEN)
  • : Jeff Nicholas (CBN)
  • 3 : David Jenkins (PEN), Martin Pope (CBN), Thomas Oates (CBN)
  • : Anton Barkhuysen (CBN), Hugh Brown (CAR)
  • 2 : Philip Spargo (CBN), Richard Smith (CBN), John Wilman (CBN), Rebecca Gardiner (CAR)
  • 1 : Tamara Burgess (CAR), Colin Gardiner (CAR)
  • 0 : Ray Proost (CAR)

Ian George

2016/17 Season

Club Championship

Congratulations to Colin Sellwood on winning the club championship after many years of trying. He did it the hard way with a victory against the county champion in the last round. There were 16 players. Crosstable here

Christmas Rapidplay

Our popular festive Christmas quickplay was held this year on 16th December, ably hosted and controlled by Richard Smith and Robin Kneebone. Robin Kneebone and Colin Sellwood were joint 1st with 4/5. There were 18 players.

Seasonal refreshements were enjoyed by all courtesy of Debbie and the vast array of prizes was supplied by contributions from the club and players.

2015/16 Season

Club Championship

David Saqui was outright winner with 4½/5, 1 point ahead of Robin Kneebone (4½)

Father and son, Kenton and 11 year old Harvey Richings both finished on 4/5 in the Under 125 Championship result. Kenton won the tie-break with the higher sum of progressive scores.

There were 8 players in each competition. Final standings and scores here.

Christmas Rapidplay

Our annual Christmas rapidplay tournament took place on 18th December with 22 players taking part including several players from other clubs.

The winner on 4½/5 was Percy Gill (Penwith), a former member of the club making a welcome return to local chess. David Saqui (Penwith) and artin Pope finished on 4with Robin Kneebone (Carrick), Jeff Nicholas and Martin Pope 4th= on 3½.

Once again thanks to Debbie and Sonia for maintaining a constant supply of seasonal and other refreshments, to Robin Kneebone for acting as controller and to everyone who generously contributed prizes.

2014/15 Season

Club Championship

Mark Watkins and Robin Kneebone finishd equal 1st on 4½/5, drawing their game and winning the rest. As they could not be split on the sum of progressive scores tie-break, they were declared joint club champions.

The inaugural Under 125 Championship result in a convincing win for Richard Humpleby a 100% score.

There were 10 players in each competition. Final standings and scores here.

Roberts Cup Final

Camborne won the trophy after several near misses, defeating Bude by 3½-½ at the Liskeard club venue.

A. W. Busby Cup Final

The final between Camborne and Truro, played on 16th February, was tied on 2½ each with Truro winning on board elimination.

Christmas Rapidplay

Our annual Christmas rapidplay tournament took place on 19th December with 19 players taking part with several players from other clubs including a contingent from Liskeard.

The winner was Colin Sellwood with 4½/5 with David Saqui (Falmouth) runner-up on 4. There were particularly fine performances from the two juniors present. Richard Stephens (Falmouth) scored 3½ and won the under 16 prize while Harvey Richings finished on 3, winning the under 11 prize.

Once again thanks to Debbie and Sonia for maintaining a constant supply of seasonal and other refreshments.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was held on Friday 12th September. 15 people attended including 2 new members as well as a familiar returnee, David Burleigh.

The following decisions were made:

  • Inauguration of an Under 125 Championship to run alongside the Club Championship. This would give give juniors and other players who would not usually enter or expect to feature in the top half of the championship something to compete for.
  • It would be club policy to include, wherever possible, at least 2 juniors in the teams for home matches of the "B" team in the Roberts Cup and both 500 League teams.
  • Fees payable: 10 entry fee for the Club Championship and Under 125 Championship (5 for juniors). Board fee of 2 per player for all home matches.
  • Christmas quickplay to be held as in previous seasons. An evening rapidplay to be organised as part of the Cornwall Grand Prix.

After the meeting club and county champion, Mark Watkins, took on 10 opponents in a simultaneous display scoring 8 wins, 1 draw (Philip spargo) and 1 loss (Colin Sellwood).

Ian George

2013/14 Season

Club Championship

Once again this was a six-round Swiss tournament played over the whole season with a strong entry of 16 players including a few who play for other clubs in the leagues. The early leader was Colin Sellwood with 4/4, including wins against Robin Kneebone and David Saqui, while defending champion, Mark Watkins was held to a draw by James Hooker in he first round. Mark went on to beat Colin in round 5. In the final round he was paired against Ian George, who was a half-point behind and the only other player who could win the championship. This resulted in a draw as a result of wich Mark finishes with 5 points and retains the trophy for another year. The game can be replayed here. Ian finished on 4½ with Colin Sellwood, Martin Pope and David Saqui sharing 3rd place on 4.

Final standings and scores here.

Open Quickplay - Friday - May 16

There were 17 entries for the open event which was a five-round Swiss with 15 minutes each for the whole game. Equal 1st with 4/5 were Grant Healey (Falmouth), Jeremy Menadue (Truro) and David Saqui (Camborne). Hugh Brown (3½) won the under 130 grading prize while Matthew Jilbert (Camborne) and Richard Stephens (Falmouth) shared the junior prize with 3.

1-3 Grant Healey Falmouth 4
  Jeremy Menadue Truro  
  David Saqui Camborne  
4-6 Hugh Brown Falmouth
  Robin Kneebone Falmouth  
  Martin Pope Camborne  
7-9 Matthew Jilbert Camborne 3
  Colin Sellwood Camborne  
  Richard Stephens Falmouth  
10 David R Jenkins Lerryn
11-14 Ian Renshaw Falmouth 2
  Harvey Richings Camborne  
  Philip Spargo Camborne  
  Ana Teixeira Camborne  
15-17 Sam Coe Camborne 1
  Terry Dengler Truro  
  Jim Pope Camborne  

Four players contested a separate under-12 section which was played as a double-round all-play-all. This was won in convincing style by James Ackerley (Trewirgie School, Redruth) with 5½/6. My thanks to Kenton Richings for running this section.

Ian George

Christmas Quickplay - December 20

A record 23 players entered the open section of this annual festive event. Robin Kneebone (Falmouth) was on fine form, winning all 5 games. Grant Healey (Falmouth), Jeremy Menadue (Truro) and Philip Williams (Camborne) finished in second place on 4. The junior prize went to Harvey Richings (Marazion) who showed great promise against experienced opposition, winning one game and putting several of his opponents under pressure.

The junior section was a four player all-play-all and was won by Ned Lester-Smith (Perranporth) and Neo Guyett-Browne (Camborne)

Thanks to Debbie and Sonia for the continuous supply of refreshments and to David Jenkins for running the junior section.

Ian George

Annual General Meeting

At the Annual General Meeting on 6th September we welcomed several new members and made the following decisions:

  • All officers were re-elected with the exception of the 500 League team captain who is now Philip Spargo.
  • Club fees were amended to 10 entry fee for the club championship (open to ECF members only). Members of any other club in the county welcome to enter. Board fee of 2 payable for home matches only.
  • Consideration would be given to organising a "Stars-barred" tournament to start in the new year and run alongside the club championship.

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