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Wed Ju1 19

AGM and Secretaries' Meeting

Carnon Downs Village Hall, Tregye Road, TR3 6GH, 7.00 p.m.

Sat Sep 16

Charity QP

Carnon Downs Village Hall, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. In aid of St Petroc’s Homeless Charity Detailed arrangements TBA

Mar 9-11

Cornwall Chess Weekend

Carnon Downs Village Hall. Emigrant Cup and Falmouth Cup. Details TBA

2016/17 Season

Grand Prix standings
Diary of the season
Junior diary
Cornwall grades
Annual congress
County matches

Chess Puzzle of the Day

There are 3 positions to solve of increasing difficulty. Choose L1, L2 or L3 and solve the displayed position by dragging and dropping the piece from one square to another on the board. "Hint" highlights a relevant square.

When you have finished one position you can put up another one and start again. "More" displays a graded series of training positions. The more difficult positions are usually at the higher levels of this section.

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FIDE Laws of Chess (1 July 2014)
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AGM and Secretaries' Meeting - 19th July (7.00 p.m.)

The Annua1 General Meeting will be held at Carnon Downs Village Hall, Tregye Road, TR3 6GH commencing at 7.00 p.m. Provisional agenda:

  • Apologies
  • Reports from 2016/17 season
  • Election of officers
    • President (Robin Kneebone standing down)
    • Secretary (Vacant)
    • Treasurer (Ian George - standing again)
    • Hugh Brown - standing again)
    • Match Captain (Mark Hassall - standing again)
    • Junior Secretary (Robin Kneebone standing down. Kenton Richings standing)
    • Grader (Ian George - standing again)
    • WECU delegate (Mark Hassall - standing again)
  • Motion (Proposed: R Humpleby, seconded: DJ Jenkins)
    That League Rule 3c ("Notwithstanding Rule 2 ("...Only players graded under 165 will be eligible to play in this competition.") a team may include a player or players with a grade higher than 164 provided that the total grades of all four players does not exceed 500 points.") be abolished.

    Proposer's comment:This rule was introduced to allow a team consisting of one strong player and 3 juniors to enter the competition. The rationale was that such a combination was unlikely to affect the outcome of the League. Such a team has, in fact, never entered the competition, nor is likely to at present. Therefore, to protect the integrity of the competition, the U165 requirement should be reinstated.

    Robin Kneebone's comment:The reasons for the rule were (a) to protect the interest of a club whose driver is graded 165+ and (b) to encourage clubs to bring in novice players, of any age, while still fielding competitive teams. It is entirely possible that Carrick would occasionally need a 164+ driver to carry a Roberts team; there have been occasions when that option was explored until a driver was found. In truth, I think we should follow the lead of Devon where all but one of their leagues are limited by grade-totals. The Association needs new players in its competitions.

  • Fees for the 2017/18 season
  • Any other business

The Secretaries' Meeting, to decide on detailed League and Cup arrangements for the 2017/18 season, will follow the AGM without a break.

Robin Kneebone

The treasurer's report and accounts are here. If you wish to have a copy to refer to at the meeting, please print it beforehand as I shall not be bringing extra copies for distribution.

Ian George

ECF membership and Game Fee

At the ECF Council meeting on 1st September the 2017/18 budget was passed. The new membership rates, effective from 1st September 2017 are:

  • Bronze £16 (junior £9.50)
  • Silver £23.50 (junior £17)
  • Gold £34 (junior £27.50)

The system of charges for graded games played by non-members has changed. For league, club championship and games played in tournaments within the county (ie Bronze), game fee has been abolished. From 1st September 2017 each non-member can have 3 games graded for free. Thereafter, he or she will have to pay a flat fee of £16 (equivalent to a bronze membership) as soon as they exceed the 3 graded games. Bronze members and higher will have their games graded for free. The response of the ECF office to my query suggests that this rate also applies to juniors with no discount.

This means that our arrangements for next season's team and individual competitions will need to take these changes into account in order to avoid the county association and its members incurring unnecessary costs.

Please note that in another change to the system the final date for acquiring or renewing ECF membership is 30th June. The ECF will not accept membership applications for the current season after that date.

Ian George

Junior Chess

Cornwall Chess provides a full programme for juniors with competitions, including age-group Cornwall championships for all years from Under 7 to Under 18.

Details of all our junior chess events, and advice for parents, here

Robin Kneebone

Laws of Chess

I have written a series of guidance notes on the laws of chess for the benefit of anyone playing in our competitions and those venturing East of the Tamar. These cover the revised FIDE Laws effective from 1st July 2014 (including the way in which they are implemented in our competitions where there is a range of options) together with notes on a number of areas that are not always properly understood and can sometimes result in unnecessary disputes. They can be found here. A printable version is here.

Ian George

Get involved!

Please send news of Cornwall chess events, interesting games, corrections, notifications, broken links and suggestions for improving the website to Ian George

Last updated 16/7/2017


League and Cup Results 2016/17 Season

Complete fixture lists for each club can be found on the club pages

Expanded league tables, the draws for the cup competitions and links to the detailed results are here.

County Shield

Win = 4, draw = 2, loss = 1, default = 0 points

Carrick A 10 40
Penwith 10 31
Camborne 10 26
Carrick B 10 23
Newquay 10 17
Liskeard 10 9

Roberts Cup

Win = 4, draw = 2, loss = 1, default = 0 points

Camborne 12 42
Penwith 12 35
Calstock 12 31
Carrick B 12 30
Newquay 12 25
Carrick A 12 22
Liskeard 12 15

500 League

Win = 4, draw = 2, loss = 1, default = 0 points

West Division
Carrick All Stars 4 13
Carrick A 4 10
Penwith 4 7
East Division
Lerryn 4 16
Liskeard 4 10
Calstock 4 4
Final: Played at Probus on 27/04/2017
  Carrick All Stars 6½ - 1½ Lerryn
1 172 Richard Stephens 2 - 0 Gary Trudeau 151
2 137 Adam Hussain 1½ - ½ Jason Henderson 119
3 106 Ian Renshaw 1 - 1 David R Jenkins 125
4 57 Sam Edwards 2 - 0 Phil James 82


A. W. Busby Cup
Final: Played at Ludgvan on 06/06/2017
  Penwith 3½ - 1½ Newquay
1 182 Mark Watkins ½ - ½ Lloyd Retallick 176
2 176 David Saqui 1 - 0 Barry Moss 143
3 149 Percy Gill 1 - 0 Richard Clark 146
4 134 David Jenkins ½ - ½ Martin Jones 126
5 123 Kenton Richings ½ - ½ Richard Nancarrow 104


Roger Grime Cup (U135)
Final. Played at Calstock on 26/01/2017
  Calstock 1½ - 2½ Liskeard
1 129 Jason Henderson 1 - 0 David Lucas 121
2 125 David R Jenkins ½ - ½ Brian Parkin 115
3 80 Alan Yoshihara-Coles 0 - 1 Stephen Pearce 108
4 113 Richard Hendin 0 - 1 Maurice Richards 107