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Cornwall v Fiji

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Western Counties Online Championship

Nunn 1 - 0 Rudd, Cornwall v Somerset, Bd.1

2nd Cornwall Online Congress, Rd.1 (03/01/2021)

Williams 0 - 1 Oates, Camborne Trevithick v Camborne Pendarves, Bd.3
Kirkman ½ - ½ Margetts, Calstock & Lerryn Killers v Newquay Gunslingers, Bd.3
Evdokimova 1 - 0 Doubleday, Falmouth & Truro 3 v Falmouth & Truro 2, Bd.2


Kirkman 1 - 0 Nunn, Themed Swiss (Sicilian Dragon)

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This Week's Cartoon

We may be the only chess website in the UK to employ a resident cartoonist, Dee Jay, who used to be an art teacher in his youth. The cartoons, in black ink and watercolour, combine thoughts on the noble game with local interest. Click on the image to enlarge and here for the cartoon archive. The victims of any satirical cartoon are welcome to request the original drawing on art paper.

Dee Jay 11/12/2020

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West of England Counties Online Championship
4NCL Online League (season 3)
Cornwall Online League (season 2)

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Bude Under 125 tournament
Cornwall Online Winter Congress
2nd Cornwall Online Congress
4NCL Autumn Online Congress

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Cornwall 8½ - 2½ Fiji
1st Cornwall Online Congress
4NCL Online League (season 2)
Online match: Falmouth & Truro 4 - 7 Lewisham
Cornwall Online League (season 1)
4NCL Online League (season 1)
National Online Club Championship

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Cornwall 8½ - 2½ Fiji

Board scores and report. Games

Thanks are due to Goru Arvind of the Fiji Chess Federation and our president, Professor David Jenkins for setting up the match in the first place, to the experienced FIDE Arbiter Adam Raoof for controlling the match on the Tornelo platform and to Cornwall captain Robin Kneebone.

Cornwall Online Winter Congress
  • Anyone with a past or present connection with Cornwall is welcome to enter. Holidays don't count!
  • Sun 24 January 2021
  • Start time: 1 p.m.
  • Two sections: Premier and Under 1700.
  • 5 rounds.
  • Rate of play: 30 min + 15 sec increment from move 1
  • There is no entry fee
  • Prizes per section: 1st £50, 2nd £25, 3rd £15. Grading prizes £10 each
  • Go to the Congress Summary page for details of how to enter
  • Detailed Information and Arrangements

    Western Counties Online Championship

    Round 1 was played on 10th January. Results and standings are at

    Round 2 will be played on Sunday 7th February

    For details of arrangements, pairings and links to other information on the event go to

    2nd Cornwall Online Congress

    All information and links concerning this event, together with the round 1 draw are at

    Enter by 11 January to guarantee a place in the round 1 draw. Anyone entering after that date will be required to take a ½-point bye in round 1.

    2nd Cornwall Online League (season 2)

    Round 2 is at 7 p.m. on 31 January. Rules, pairings, results, etc.

    Round 1
    Calstock & Lerryn Clowns 0 - 4 Falmouth & Truro 1
    Camborne Trevithick ½ - 3½ Camborne Pendarves
    Falmouth & Truro 3 1 - 3 Falmouth & Truro 2
    Calstock & Lerryn Killers 2½ - 1½ Newquay Gunslingers
    Bude BYE  


    4NCL Online League

    Season 3 starts on Tuesday 26 January. Information will appear on as it becomes available.

    4NCL Online Spring Congress

    This will be a seven-round Swiss from Tuesday 2 February to 20 April 2021.

  • Fortnightly rounds
  • 4 sections: Open, Under 2000, Under 1700, Under 1400.
  • Rate of play: 45 minutes plus 15 seconds per move increment from move 1.
  • Entry fee: £7.50
  • Games rated for ECF online list
  • Information and arrangements. List of entries.
  • Cornish entries:
    U2000: Ian George
    U1700: Richard Nancarrow, Ian Renshaw, Maurice Richards
    U1400: Lloyd Russell

    Online Chess

    In order to provide somewhere for local players to play now that meetings and social gatherings have been shut down for the foreseeable future, we have set up Cornwall Chess Online so that organised chess can continue in the county. A Cornwall team has been created on Instructions on how to join lichess and the Cornwall team and enter a tournament are here.

    Links to upcoming events and other information are in the right-hand column of this page.

    A list of members with their user names is here. When we are able to resume over the board play, Cornwall Chess Online will continue.

    How to Get Good at Chess

    This article from the Guardian (14th November 2020) is by Stephen Moss who wrote The Rookie in 2017, an account of his attempts to improve his game and much else besides. The article suggests various strategies for improvement. It can be found here.

    Spurious Games

    Our County Association president David Jenkins has published Spurious Games (Troubadour Press), a novel with relevance to the local chess scene. You can find more information here.

    Last updated 20/1/2021

    Online Tournaments
    Jan 21 (Thu) Bude Under 125 All Play All, round 13.
    7.30 p.m. Details
    Jan 24 (Sun) 2nd Cornwall Online Congress, round 1 of 7
    Details at html/online/coc-index.html
    Jan 24 (Sun) Cornwall Online Winter Congress
    5 rounds. single section. 1 p.m. start.
    Details at html/online/cwc-index.html
    Jan 26 (Tue) 4NCL Online League (season 3), round 1. 7.30 p.m.
    Contact your team captain Details and links
    Jan 31 (Sun) Cornwall Online League (season 2), round 2. 7 p.m.
    Contact your team captain Details and links
    Feb 2 (Tue) 4NCL Spring Online Congress, round 1.
    Information and arrangements:
    Feb 7 (Sun) Cornwall v Devon 7 p.m.
    West of England Counties Online Championship. 16 boards
    Feb 9 (Tue) 4NCL Spring Online Congress, round 2.
    Information and arrangements:
    Feb 21 (Sun) Dorset & Wilts v Cornwall 7 p.m.
    West of England Counties Online Championship. 16 boards
    Mar 7 (Sun) Cornwall v Gloucestershire 7 p.m.
    West of England Counties Online Championship. 16 boards
    Mar 21 (Sun) Hampshire v Cornwall 7 p.m.
    West of England Counties Online Championship. 16 boards