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4NCL Online League (Season 6)

The league consists of 5 divisions with 7 matches per season. These are played between teams of 4 players on Tuesdays at 7.30 p.m. The rate of play is 45 minutes each for all the moves plus increments of 15 seconds from move 1.

Games start with the player having White challenging his opponent on lichess. Full details are at

Ten teams from Cornwall have entered. These are:

20000 Cornishmen
Trelawny's Army
Cornish Choughs
Kernow Knights
Cornish Pirates
Breage Bruisers
Manaccan Maulers

Bude Reef Surfers
Bude Beach Surfers

Calstock & Lerryn
Calstock Killers
Lerryn Clowns

The teams will play in the following divisions:

Division 1
Trelawny's Army. Fixtures. Results. Table

Division 2
Cornish Choughs. Fixtures. Results. Table
Bude Reef Surfers. Fixtures. Results. Table

Division 3
Kernow Knightss. Fixtures. Results. Table
Cornish Pirates Fixtures. Results.Table

Division 4
Calstock Killers. Fixtures. Results. Table
Breage Bruisers. Fixtures. Results. Table

Division 5
Manaccan Maulers. Fixtures. Results. Table
Lerryn Clowns. Fixtures. Results. Table
Bude Beach Surfers. Fixtures. Results. Table

Folllow the links from the left-hand column for information on the competition and team organisation, fixtures, results, standings, team lists, etc.

Ian George

Last updated 28/4/2022

4NCL Online League (season 6)

Results will appear here from the start of the season