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Starting a Game in lichess


Games in the Cornwall team and 4NCL National Chess League are played on lichess and are started by white issuing a challenge to his or her opponent. This guide to the process is an abridged version of the 4NCL's Guide to Playing Matches on Lichess.

1) Set your lichess account to accept challenges

It is essential to do this because, if you have Black you will not see you opponent's challenge and the game cannot start.

1.1) Go to the privacy area of lichess at

1.2) Set “Let other players challenge you” to Always.

2) Finding Your Opponent

2.1 The team lists, along with the usernames, will be published in advance of the start of the match on the 4NCL website. The games are played outside any formal structure on Lichess, and so you will need to make the challenge manually.

2.2 For 4NCL Online on Lichess, to avoid any confusion as to who is challenging and who is waiting for the challenge to be made, the player due to play white should initiate the challenge.

2.3 You will need to search for the username of the player you are due to play In this example your opponent's user name is roskearman.

2.31 On the lichess homepage, there is a magnifying glass and a Search box next to it.

2.32 Begin to type roskearman into the search Box. As you type more letters a number of choices will appear. The number of options will reduce with each letter typed until you reach the correct user name.

2.33 Click on roskearman to move to the next step. A green dot against the name means that the person is online.

3) Initiating the Challenge

3.1 On roskearman's page you will see a table of statistics about him/her.

3.2 Find the crossed swords symbol in the group at the top right of the central section of the page and click it. This loads the Challenge to a Game screen

3.3 On the screen to the right, make sure the parameters are set as follows

3.31 The variant is STANDARD

3.32 The time control is “REAL TIME”

3.33 Set the number of minutes per side; move the slider to get to the required number

3.34 Set increment in seconds; move the slider to get to the required number

3.35 Select RATED

3.4 Click the white King on the right of the three options in order to play white in the challenged game

4) After the Challenge

4.1 A loading screen will be shown while you wait for your opponent to accept the challenge.

4.2 Your opponent will see your challenge on their home screen and accept it by clicking on the green tick.

4.3 If you have Black wait for your opponent's challenge to appear on your home screen. and accept it by clicking on the green tick.

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10th January 2021