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Support to Clubs for Travel to Away Matches

At a recent meeting, the trustees of the Cornwall Chess Trust noted that the county leagues are about to resume full operation and agreed to offer financial support to clubs for the cost of travelling to away matches. I now present details of the scheme that has been set up to achieve this., Please note that the aim of this scheme is to make a signifiicant contribution to costs without reimbursing the expenditure in full.


  • Clubs to pay drivers at rates of their choosing.
  • Late in December and at the end of the season the CCCA treasurer will send club secretaries the attached spreadsheet which they can use to apply for support.
  • CCCA treasurer to check and pay at the fixed rates set out in the official mileage table which is part of the spreadsheet. This will also be published on the website.
  • The CCCA will then seek reimbursement from the Cornwall Chess Trust.


    Calculation of amount due

  • One car only per match
  • Distance to be measured from home venue to away venue.
  • Amount payable per match to be taken from the official mileage table.
  • Mileage rate for 2023/24 to be 15p per mile.


    The application form and mileage table can be downloaded from here

    We hope that this will assist clubs with a significant element of their expenditure.

    Ian George

    Last updated 17/8/2023