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Meeting Night
Royal British Legion
5, Burn View
EX23 8BY
Free on-street parking after 6 p.m.
John Constable
07771 544721 (m)
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County Shield
Team Captain
John Constable
07771 544721 (m)
Fixtures and results
Win 11/09/2023 3½-½ Newquay
Draw 02/10/2023 2-2 North Cornwall
Win 16/11/2023 2½-1½ Falmouth & Truro
Home 14/12/2023 Thu Camborne B
Away 12/01/2024 Fri Camborne A
Home 25/01/2024 Thu Calstock
Home 08/02/2024 Thu Newquay
Home 29/02/2024 Thu North Cornwall
Away 20/03/2024 Wed Calstock
Away 26/04/2024 Fri Camborne B
Home 09/05/2024 Thu Camborne A
Away 20/05/2024 Mon Falmouth & Truro
Quickplay League
Team Captain
John Constable
07771 544721 (m)
Fixtures and results
Loss 07/09/2023 2½-5½ Calstock
Loss 23/10/2023 3-4 Liskeard
Win 23/11/2023 Default Lerryn
Away 31/01/2024 Wed Calstock
Home 22/02/2024 Thu Liskeard
Away 16/04/2024 Thu Lerryn
Minor League
Team Captain
Lloyd Russell
07886 910589 (m)
Fixtures and results
Win 21/09/2023 6½-1½ Liskeard
Win 12/10/2023 Default Camborne
Win 09/11/2023 4-2 Lerryn
Away 04/12/2023 Mon Newquay
Away 12/02/2024 Mon Liskeard
Home 14/03/2024 Thu Newquay
Away 05/04/2024 Fri Camborne
Away 30/04/2024 Tue Lerryn
AW Busby Cup
Team Captain
John Constable
07771 544721 (m)
Fixtures and results
Home TBA Thu Camborne
About the club

Full details about the club and its activities can be found on its website:

For more information please contact:
John Constable 07771 544721
Chris Constable 07984 401076
Bude chess club

Support for motor expenses to away matches

The trustees of the Cornwall Chess Trust have agreed to offer financial support to clubs for the cost of travelling to away matches. Details of the scheme and the application form can be found here.

Last updated 2/12/2023

Team Competition Results
Results (all competitions and teams)
Board scores - Bude (all competitions)
League tables
Rules (complete set)
County Shield
Quickplay League
Minor League
A. W. Busby Cup
Dec 4 Mon Away v Newquay
Dec 14 Thu Home v Camborne B
TBA Thu Home v Liskeard
TBA TBA Home v Camborne
Jan 12 Fri Away v Camborne A
Jan 25 Thu Home v Calstock
Jan 31 Wed Away v Calstock
Feb 8 Thu Home v Newquay
Feb 12 Mon Away v Liskeard
Feb 22 Thu Home v Liskeard
Feb 29 Thu Home v North Cornwall
Mar 14 Thu Home v Newquay
Mar 20 Wed Away v Calstock
Apr 5 Fri Away v Camborne
Apr 16 Tue Away v Lerryn
Apr 26 Fri Away v Camborne B
Apr 30 Tue Away v Lerryn
May 9 Thu Home v Camborne A
May 20 Mon Away v Falmouth & Truro

Player Ratings (2023/24)
The full rating list of all players in Cornwall is here
GM John Nunn 2556 2551
WFM Petra Nunn 2021 1936
Geoff Lingard 1795 1848
Ian Rescorla 1615 1743
Edward Ardner-Forsdyke 1600E 1600E
Maurice Richards 1554 1581
John Constable 1540 1645
Christine Constable 1472 1595
Lloyd Russell 1283 1181
Kieran Ongley 1100 976
Benji Masters 800N 1555
Reuben Medhurst 1000N 1381
Dave Westwood 1000N 1000N
Dom Richards 1000N 1000N
Rachel Ongley 1000N 1000N
Mike Helps 1000N 1000N
David Johnson 1000N 1000N
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