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Meeting Night
Royal British Legion
5, Burn View
EX23 8BY
Free on street parking after 6 p.m.
John Constable
07771 544721 (m)
County Shield
Team Captain
Tel: TBA
Email: TBA
Fixtures and results
L 18/09/2019 2 - 3 Falmouth
D 07/10/2019 2½ - 2½ Newquay
H 31/10/2019 Thu Camborne
H 13/11/2019 Thu Truro *
A 03/12/2019 Tue Penzance
H 09/01/2019 Thu Calstock
H 23/01/2020 Thu Liskeard
H 06/02/2020 Thu Newquay
A 21/02/2020 Fri Camborne
A 25/03/2020 Wed Truro
A 15/04/2020 Wed Calstock
H 07/05/2020 Thu Falmouth *
H 21/05/2020 Thu Penzance
The above match will be played at Probus Village Hall, Amelia Close, Probus, TR2 4TS.
A 01/06/2020 Mon Liskeard
  * indicates fixtures to be played at Liskeard
Roberts Cup
Team Captain
John Constable
07771 544721 (m)
Fixtures and results
D 26/09/2019 2 - 2 Newquay
A 16/10/2019 Wed Lerryn
H 28/11/2019 Thu Redruth
H 30/01/2020 Thu Truro and Falmouth Rooks *
H 27/02/2020 Thu Camborne
A 30/03/2020 Mon Liskeard
A 23/04/2020 Thu Calstock
A 13/05/2020 Wed Truro and Falmouth Kings
  * indicates fixtures to be played at Liskeard
500 League
Team Captain
Chris Constable
07984 401076
Fixtures and results
W 10/10/2019 4½ - 3½ Liskeard
H 07/11/2019 Thu Lerryn
A 19/12/2019 Thu Calstock
A 12/02/2020 Wed Lerryn
H 05/03/2020 Thu Calstock
A 06/04/2020 Mon Liskeard
AW Busby Cup
Team Captain
Tel: TBA
Email: TBA
Fixtures and results
A 11/12/2019 Wed Carrick or Calstock
Roger Grime Cup
Team Captain
John Constable
07771 544721 (m)
Fixtures and results
About the club

The club meets on Thursdays: juniors from 6.30 to 7.15 and the seniors from 7.15 to 10.30.

Full details about the club and its activities can be found on its website:

For more information please contact:

John Constable 07771 544721
Chris Constable 07984 401076

Peter and Peggy Clarke Memorial Rapidplay

This year's event was held at the Parkhouse Centre on September 14th. There 19 entries including a welcome appearance by new Bude member GM John Nunn who won the 1st prize with 6/6. Matthew wilson and Giles Body were equale 2nd on 4½. Grading prizes were won by Brian Gosling, Ken Alexander, Ian Rescorla (Under 155) and Hazel Welch (Under 120).

Final Standings

  • 6: John Nunn
  • : Matthew Wilson, Giles Body
  • 4: Ken Alexander, Brian Gosling
  • : Lloyd Retallick, Philip Wood, Ian Rescorla
  • 3 : Toby Willis, Martin Quinn, Hazel Welch
  • : Geoff Lingard, Nick Butland, Bob Jones, Christine Constable, Salli Gosling
  • 2 : Hugh Brown, Lloyd Russell
  • 1: Ivan Gerasimenko

Geoff Lingard v GM John Nunn

Peter Clarke represented England in the Olympiads from 1954 to 1968. In 1966, when the event was held in Havana, Cuba, he played top board. At the end of the tournament Fidel Castro gave each top board a specially commissioned chess set and chess table that had been used in the competition and paid for it to be shipped back to the respective countries. The table and set are still in the family’s possession and they brought it down from Derbyshire to be used as the top board in this tournament.

Ian George

Last updated 17/10/2019

Team Competition Results
League tables
Board scores (all competitions)
Home Matches
31/10 Shield Camborne
7/11 500 Lerryn
28/11 Roberts Redruth
9/1 Shield Calstock
23/1 Shield Liskeard
30/1 Roberts Truro and Falmouth Rooks
6/2 Shield Newquay
27/2 Roberts Camborne
5/3 500 Calstock

Graded players (2019/20)
GM John Nunn 245 246
Petra Nunn 175 153
Geoff Lingard 141 157
Ian Rescorla 130 138
Christine Constable 119 115
John Constable 114 134
Lloyd Russell 61 63
Nick Egleton 50 50
Chris Ball 50 50
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