Welcome to the website of the Cornwall County Chess Association


1 General
1.01 The Association shall be called the CORNWALL COUNTY CHESS ASSOCIATION.
1.02 The objects of the Association shall be to encourage the establishment of chess clubs in Cornwall and chess playing generally.
1.03 The Association shall be affiliated to the West of England Chess Union and the English Chess Federation.
1.04 The Association shall consist of its officers, affiliated club members and unattached members.
2 Officers and Executive Sub-Committee
2.01 The officers of the Association shall be the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Team Captain, League Secretary and Junior Secretary. These shall form the Executive Sub-Committee.
2.02 The officers shall be elected annually by the Association in General Meeting.
2.03 The Executive Sub-Committee shall be responsible for the management of the Association's affairs.
2.04 If an officer resigns or is unable to perform his duties for any reason, such vacancy shall be filled by an appointment made by the Executive Sub - Committee.
2.05 The Committee may co-opt any number of additional members as it sees fit. Such appointments must be ratified by the Association in General Meeting.
2.06 The League Secretary and competition organisers shall be responsible for the running of the competitions and may make such decisions as ensure the satisfactory administration of their events including the setting of entry fees to cover costs.
3 Management Committee
3.01 The Management Committee shall consist of the Executive Sub-Committee, the Secretary or other authorised representative of each affiliated club and, if thought fit, a maximum of three persons elected by the Association in General Meeting.
3.03 The Committee shall meet before the season starts to make arrangements for the coming season's activities and at such other times as considered necessary by the Executive Sub-Committee. Seven days notice of meetings shall be given to members of the Committee..
4 General Meetings
4.01 Fourteen days notice of general meetings and of the business to be discussed shall be given by the Secretary to the secretaries of all affiliated clubs and to unattached members so far as this is practicable. General meetings shall not be invalid merely because notices of such meetings are not received by all those entitled to do so.
4.02 All members of the Association shall be entitled to attend, speak and vote at general meetings of the Association.
4.03 Changes in the rules governing the Constitution of the Association and the competition rules may only be made at the Annual General meeting or at a Special General Meeting and shall be valid even when the wording has been drafted by the members at that meeting, provided that proper notice of the matter to be discussed has been given in accordance with rule 4.01.
4.04 Within 21 days of any general meeting the Secretary shall send a copy of the minutes of the meeting to the secretaries of all affiliated clubs.
4.05 The Annual General Meeting shall be held in May of each year at a venue to be arranged by the Secretary.
4.06 The following business shall be transacted by the Annual General Meeting:-
a) Election of officers.
b) Reports of officers and competition organisers.
c) Presentation of accounts by the Treasurer.
d) Any matter of which the Secretary has received notice prior to the distribution of notices of the meeting.
e) Any other business which those present at the meeting consider it proper to discuss.
4.07 A Special General Meeting shall be convened by the Secretary on the request of the Executive Sub-Committee or on a request signed by ten members. No matters shall be considered at such meeting except those specified in the notice.

5th June 2019