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Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting held at the Kernow Club, Truro, on Thursday, 26th June 2014

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H. Brown, C. Constable, J. Constable, S. Fanning, I. George, D. J. Jenkins, D. King, R. Kneebone (chairman), J. Menadue, R. Smith
Apologies for absence
D. R. Jenkins, R. Nancarrow, C. Webb
Chairman's Opening Remarks

The chairman was concerned that the changes agreed at the AGM seemed unpopular with some clubs. For example, St Austell has decided not to enter teams in any competition this year.

D. J. commented that any change rarely suits everybody and that the end of the season would be the time to judge whether the significant change to the programme (notably the re-introduction of the Grand Prix) was a success or not.

Everyone hoped that the St Austell players would take part in the new season (see below), especially as the club has won the Roberts Cup for the past two seasons.

Minutes of 2013 Meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting, having been circulated beforehand, were signed by the chairman

The County Shield will be contested as double-round all-play-all. Entries have been received from Camborne, Falmouth, Liskeard, Newquay and Truro.

It was agreed at the 2014 AGM that the Roberts Cup should be split into East and West Divisions. Winners of each division would play each other in a final. Entries have been received from Bude, Camborne, Falmouth, Liskeard, Newquay and Truro, and the meeting felt that two divisions of three teams was undesirable. After some discussion, it was hoped that St Austell and Lerryn might be persuaded to enter a combined team (possibly with additional players from Liskeard, if required) and that R.K.’s proposed team of himself plus juniors/inexperienced players might enter the Roberts Cup. Such an arrangement would then give four teams in each division. I. G. to discuss with St Austell and Lerryn players.

It was decided that the Betty Roberts Cup (“500 League”) should be contested as a double-round all-play-all. Entries have been received from Camborne A, Camborne B, Falmouth, Lerryn and Truro.

Knock-Out Cups
The draws were made for the A. W. Busby and Roger Grime Cups and pairings are as follows (home team first):
A. W. Busby Cup:
Preliminary round Falmouth v Truro
Semi-final SF1: Falmouth or Truro v Newquay. SF2: Liskeard v Camborne.
Final Winner SF1 v Winner SF2
Roger Grime Cup:
Preliminary round Liskeard v Falmouth; Truro v Camborne.
Semi-final SF1: Newquay v Bude. SF2: Liskeard or Falmouth v Truro or Camborne.
Final Winner SF1 v Winner SF2
The knock-out cup competitions are to be completed before the end of January. The League Secretary will send out a final list of league fixtures before the start of the season; specific weeks will be allocated to allow the cup ties to be played.

It was agreed that the membership fees payable by the clubs for team competitions should be at the following rates:

  • County Shield and Roberts Cup: £25 per team, which includes entry into the A. W. Busby Cup and Roger Grime Cup respectively
  • 500 League: £20 per team
  • A. W. Busby Cup and Roger Grime Cup only: £5 per team
Grand Prix

I. G. outlined the proposed structure of the competition. After discussion, the following decisions were made:

  1. That the Grand Prix should comprise the following:
    • 3 full-day rapidplay events, each with double-points weighting
    • The County Congress, with double-points weighting
    • 4 evening events, each with single points weighting
    • The Kerrier Cup as season finale, with triple-points weighting.
  2. A target prize fund of £200 to be raised by a levy for each event of £2 per player (congress and one-day) or £1 per player (evening).
  3. Four sections (Open, U150, U125, U100), each with a prize fund of £50. Junior prizes to be paid out of the Napier Fund for junior chess.
  4. That the Grand Prix should comprise the following:
    • Players’ scores for each event to be calculated using the following formula: Score = pw+k, where:
      p = his or her percentage score
      w = event weighting (1,2 or 3)
      k = fixed addition for participating in the event (exact number to be decided)
    • A player’s total score for the Grand Prix to be the sum of his 6 best event scores.
  5. Each event is the responsibility of its organiser.
  6. For the evening events, it was agreed that there should be very flexible bye arrangements, to allow for earlier start times to accommodate both juniors and players who work or who otherwise could not make an early start; thus, byes in rounds 1 and 2, or 4 and 5 or 1 and 5 would be permitted.
I. G. noted that FIDE have updated the laws of chess and proposed that the CCCA adopt them. There was some discussion about the new rules about mobile phones not being allowed in the playing venue at all. It was agreed that our current pragmatic approach should continue (i.e. phones switched off during matches, with any exceptions being agreed with the controller/match captains on the day).
Establishing a Thriving Chess Club

R.K. offered further suggestions to those he outlined in detail at the AGM about improving venues and attracting new players to club chess. He asked clubs to consider distinguishing between club events and league matches. For example, a club night might run from 6pm–9pm at a school venue (which might encourage juniors and their parents to attend), while league matches might be held elsewhere. He also encouraged players in Cornwall to join with the idea of establishing a Cornwall Chess Community on the site.

Stephen Fanning noted that chess has been accepted as a sport and wondered whether the CCCA might be able to access sport funding.

Any Other Business
There being no other business, the chairman declared the meeting closed at 21:15.
Hon. Secretary