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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at the Carnon Downs Village Hall on Wednesday 19th June 2017

Printable version here. Includes accounts and officers' reports.
H. Brown, C. Constable, J. Constable, S. Fanning, I. George, M. Hassall, R. Humpleby, D. R. Jenkins, R. Kneebone, J. Menadue, R. Nancarrow, I. Renshaw, R. Smith
Apologies for absence
A. Barkhuysen, M. Hill, D. King, D. J. Jenkins
Officers' Reports
President and Junior Secretary (R Kneebone)
Robin noted that, compared to the previous season, the standard of play had improved, but numbers of entries had not increased. The new junior section at the Penwith club had proved to be successful and junior activity at the Carrick club continued at an encouraging level.
Robin thanked Kenton Richings, Jeremy Menadue, Matt Strevens, Hugh Brown and the many members who had helped him organise and run the events during the year.
Treasurer: (I George)
The Treasurer presented the accounts for the year and reported that the state of the Association’s finances was satisfactory. He outlined the new system regarding ECF membership to be implemented in the 2017/18 season and suggested that clubs should monitor their players’ membership status in order to avoid incurring unnecessary game fees.
The accounts were approved. A copy of the accounts and the treasurer’s report is appended to these minutes here.
Match Captain: (M. Hassall)
The match captain’s report is appended to these minutes. here.
Mark proposed that at the national stage taxi fares from the nearest station to the venue should be reimbursed to those who travelled by train. This was agreed.
League Secretary: (H Brown)
Report here.
Winners of the team competitions were:
  • County Shield: Carrick
  • Roberts Cup: Camborne
  • 500 League: Carrick "All-Stars"
  • Busby Cup: Penwith
  • Grime Cup: Liskeard
WECU Delegate: (M. Hassall)
Mark proposed that the WECU delegate to the ECF, currently Ben Edgell of Somerset, be authorised to speak and vote on behalf of the Cornwall County Chess Association at ECF meetings This was agreed.
Election of officers
The following were elected:
President Jeremy Menadue
Secretary Vacant
Treasurer Ian George
League Secretary Hugh Brown
Match Captain Mark Hassall
Junior Secretary Kenton Richings
WECU Delegate Mark Hassall
That in League Rule 3c the words “or players” be deleted. This was carried.
A proposal to delete Rule 3c was defeated.
Any Other Business
There being no other business, the chairman declared the meeting closed at 20:15.
19th July 2017