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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at the Kernow Club, Truro on Thursday 11th June 2015

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S. Bartlett, T. Dengler, S. Fanning, I. George, M. Hill, J. Hooker, D. J. Jenkins, D. R. Jenkins, D. King, R. Kneebone (chairman), J. Menadue, R. Smith, G. Trudeau, J. Wilman
Apologies for absence
A. Barkhuysen, H. Brown, B. Childs, M. Hassall, P. May, R. Nancarrow
Minutes of the AGM 2014
The minutes, having been circulated before the meeting, were approved (proposed S. Bartlett, seconded J. Menadue). There were no matters arising.
Accounts and Finance
The Treasurer presented the accounts for the year. He suggested that clubs should check the ECF membership status of their players and arrange any necessary enrolments to be made before 31st August 2015 in order to avoid incurring unnecessary game fees.
A proposal that a £150 discretionary budget, controlled by the County Team Captain, to fund travel to county matches should apply to the 2015–16 season (proposed I. George, seconded D. J. Jenkins) was carried.
The accounts were approved (proposed R. Smith, seconded D. R. Jenkins).
Officers' Reports
President, Junior Secretary and Publicity Officer: (R Kneebone)
Robin’s detailed report, circulated before the meeting, described the season’s activity in detail. Lots of events for juniors had been held, including a “my first chess tournament”. Robin noted that, compared to the previous season, the standard of play had improved, but numbers of entries had not increased.
Robin thanked the many members who had helped him organise and run the events during the year.
Many schools would be keen to start chess clubs if an experienced player was available to help run them (a member of staff would assist). Robin asked that any volunteers contact him.
Robin felt that the Association’s publicity was poor. Attempting to have chess covered by local newspapers was discussed and it was agreed to explore possibilities before the start of the 2015–16 season.
Secretary: (D J Jenkins)
Nothing to report
Treasurer: (I George)
See above under Accounts and Finance.
League Secretary: (I George)
Full details of the season's activity were on the website.
Ian reported that the Roberts Cup being run as an East/West split had not been universally popular.
There was lengthy discussion about board order under the “current playing strength” rule. The League Secretary explained that, while grade should be used as the primary indicator of playing strength, where recent results provided evidence of significant changes of strength these should be reflected in setting board orders. In cases of doubt it was prudent to consult the League Secretary in good time before the match.
Ian reported a technical breach of the rules in a match in the 500 League, in which the Liskeard team’s grading total was 501 against Lerryn’s 500. The captains having agreed to play the match under these circumstances beforehand and the match result being unaffected by it, the result had been allowed to stand. The majority opinion of the meeting was that this was appropriate, the 500 League being primarily a developmental league intended to encourage the participation of new and inexperienced players.
Ian felt that the relaunch of the Grand Prix had been a success, with 47 players participating in at least one event.
Match Captain: (D R Jenkins)
David reported that, for the first time in many years, Cornwall had qualified for the national stage of the intercounties competition and that a county second team had been fielded, with no difficulty in finding players. It was hoped to maintain this level of success next season. Juniors were regularly playing for the second team, which was most encouraging.
RK thanked David for his excellent captaincy.
Consideration of Proposal 1
The following proposal was considered:


  1. That clauses 2.01 and 2.03 of the Constitution should be amended to:

    • 2.01 The officers of the Association shall be the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Team Captain, League Secretary and Junior Secretary. These shall form the Executive Sub-Committee.
    • 2.03 The Executive Sub-Committee shall be responsible for the management of the Association's affairs.
    • deletion of current rule 3.03
    Proposed: David J Jenkins, Seconded: Ian George
Election of officers
The following were elected:
President Robin Kneebone Nominated: S Bartlett, Seconded: R Smith
Secretary David J Jenkins Nominated: D R Jenkins, Seconded: J Menadue
Treasurer Ian George Nominated: D J Jenkins, Seconded: G Trudeau
League Secretary Ian George Nominated: D King, Seconded: J Hooker
Match Captain David R Jenkins Nominated: I George, Seconded: R Smith
Consideration of Proposals 2-12
The following proposals were considered:

Rules Applicable to all Team Matches

  1. That rule 1 be amended to:

    Play will be scheduled to start no later than 7.30 p.m. The team captains may agree an earlier start time in which case both captains must so notify the League Secretary in writing no later than 14 days beforehand. Failure to do so will render the agreement void.”
    Proposed: Ian George, Seconded: David J Jenkins
  1. That the following be added as rule 13:

    Where the distance between the venues of the two clubs in any match exceeds 50 miles, the away team has the right to insist that the match be played at a venue approximately equidistant between the two clubs or any other agreed venue. In such cases the away team is responsible for arranging the hire of and, if relevant, paying for the venue and is entitled to reimbursement of half the hire cost from the opposing club. It must notify home team and League Secretary of the intention to exercise this right at least 30 days beforehand, and of the venue arrangements at least 14 days beforehand. The match does not have to be played on the home team’s club night.
    Proposed: Ian George, Seconded: David J Jenkins

    DRJ disliked the rule on the grounds that it would be inappropriate to give the away team the right to coerce the home team in relation to match arrangements; captains could be trusted to engage in reasonable negotiations to accommodate transport problems. An amendment to the proposal to include the phrase “if both captains agree” (proposed D.R.Jenkins, seconded J. Wilman) was carried, whereupon the proposal was withdrawn.

  1. That the following be added as rule 13:

    • Where a player’s mobile phone, or other electronic device, makes an audible sound, the penalty shall be a warning followed by the automatic loss of the game on a second occurrence.
    Proposed: Ian George, Seconded: David R. Jenkins
  2. Carried

League Rules

  1. That rule 2 be amended to:
    • 2.1 County Shield
      A club or combination of clubs may enter one or more teams of five players each
    • 2.2 Roberts Cup
      A club or combination of clubs may enter one or more teams of four players each graded under 165.
  2. Proposed: Ian George, Seconded: John Wilman
  1. That parts b) and c) of rule 3 be amended to:
    • b) No restrictions shall apply to any ungraded player who has never had a published grade nor to any junior with a published grade lower than 100.
    • c) Notwithstanding Rule 2 a team may include a player or players with a grade higher than 164 provided that the total grades of all four players does not exceed 500 points. or combination of clubs may enter one or more teams of four players each graded under 165.
    Proposed: Robin Kneebone, Seconded: Ian George
  1. That rule 11 be amended to:
    • a) Where a club or combination of clubs fields more than one team in the County Shield it must nominate its three highest graded players. All such players may play for one team only.
    • b) Where a club or combination of clubs fields more than one team in the Roberts Cup it must nominate its two strongest players graded under 165 and all its players graded 165 or over. All such players may play for one team only.
    • c) Where a) or b) applies the club or combination of clubs may allocate the relevant players to teams as it sees fit.”
    Proposed: Ian George, Seconded: Robin Kneebone

Rules for 500 League

  1. That Rule 4 of the League Rules be amended to read: “Three points will be awarded for a win, two for a draw and one for a loss. No points will be awarded to a team that defaults a match.”
    Proposed: Ian George, Seconded: David J Jenkins
  1. That rule 9 be amended to:
    • a) A player may play for any club in the competition.
    • b) No player may play for more than one club in any season unless eligible under rule 7(g).
    • c) A player may play for any team entered by his or her club without restriction.
    Proposed: Ian George, Seconded: David J Jenkins
  1. That rule 8(b) be amended to: All games will be played under the provisions of the FIDE Laws of Chess applicable to rapidplay games, except that a first illegal move in a game shall result in 2 minutes being added to the time available to the non-offending player and a second illegal move (by the same player in the same game) shall result in loss of the game.
    Proposed: David J Jenkins, Seconded: Ian George
  1. That players who start the season without a quickplay rating should be assigned a provisional quickplay rating when they have played 5 or more rated quickplay games
    Proposed: John Wilman, Seconded: Gary Trudeau
    The Secretary had incorrectly included this motion under 500 League; the proposer was equally concerned with quickplay tournaments. Following discussion, the majority opinion was that the quickplay grade published by the League Secretary before the start of the season should stand throughout the season for the purpose of the 500 League.
    1. The following amendment was proposed as an AGM resolution:
      That organisers of individual tournaments, in respect of ungraded players, should consult the Grading Officer for the purpose of assigning a provisional grade for that player.
    Proposed: Ian George, Seconded: David R Jenkins

Emigrant Cup

  • Robin informed the meeting that Andrew Slade, who proposed this motion, had agreed to Robin’s suggestion to form a small committee to explore the ideas in his proposal, and asked for the opinion of the meeting on the various parts of it as follows:
  1. Digital clocks to be used.

    For (subject to their not being purchased out of Association funds given the high cost involved.)

  2. The time control to be altered to 90 minutes + 30 second increment for the whole game


  3. The tournament to be FIDE rated

    Divided (For 4; Against 3; Abst. 7)


    There were reservations regarding:

    i) entrants having to be ECF members at Gold level or above.

    ii) the requirement of a FIDE recognized controller to officiate.

    iii) the increased administrative burden in complying with ECF and FIDE rules.

  4. The entry fee to be increased


  5. The prize money to be increased


  6. The tournament to be advertised to players outside Cornwall

    Divided (For 5; Against 3; Abst. 6)

Any Other Business
RK commented that trophies had not been returned in a timely fashion this season. Secretary to ascertain whereabouts of trophies and to be responsible for ensuring that they are returned appropriately.
There being no other business, the chairman declared the meeting closed at 22:24.
Hon. Secretary