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Annual Congress 2017

Played on 8th to 10th February 2017 at Carnon Downs Village Hall

Final Standings

Emigrant Cup

Defending Cornwall champion James Hooker (Camborne) retained the Emigrant Cup in a close-fought competition; his score of 3.5 from 5 games placing him ahead of Robin Kneebone, (who missed a win in the last round game against Hooker), Mark Watkins, Colin Sellwood and Gary Trudeau all on 3/5.

James has become extremely hard to beat because of his calm and resourceful approach. Colin Sellwood showed, yet again, that on his day he can beat anyone; and Gary Trudeau had his best result for some time. Adam Hussain (Truro Prep School and Carrick), just 11 years old, made his debut in order to gain tough practice to prepare to represent England in Romania in two months’ time. He scored just one draw but claimed to have enjoyed the experienced and learned a lot.

This is only the fifth time since the Emigrant was first held in 1904 that a player has won it three times in a row. He also played everyone who finished in 2nd to 6th positions

1 James Hooker Camborne 179 (1) 1w3 1b4 ½w6 ½b5 ½w2
2-5 Robin Kneebone Carrick 170 (2) 1w11 0b6 ½w5 1b7 ½b1 3
  Gary Trudeau Liskeard 151 (3) 0b1 1w11 1b8 1b6 0w4  
  Colin Sellwood Camborne 159 (4) 1bye 0w1 ½b10 ½w8 1b3  
  Mark Watkins Penwith 179 (5) ½b10 ½w8 ½b2 ½w1 1w6  
6-8 David Saqui Penwith 173 (6) 1b9 1w2 ½b1 0w3 0b5
  Percy Gill Penwith 143 (7) ½b8 ½w10 ½b11 0w2 1b9  
  Lloyd Retallick Newquay 174 (8) ½w7 ½b5 0w3 ½b4 1w11  
9 Richard Clark Newquay 141 (9) 0w6 ½bye ½bye 1b11 0w7 2
10 Richard Smith Camborne 147 (10) ½w5 ½b7 ½w4    
11 Adam Hussain Carrick 137 (11) 0b2 0b3 ½w7 0w9 0b8 ½

Falmouth Cup

The Falmouth Cup for players graded under 146 was won with 4.5/5 by Penwith club member Jan Rodrigo, whose fine play belied his relative inexperience. Jan was pushed all the way by twelve-year-old Harvey Richings who showed great promise for the future by scoring 4/5 and achieving a grading result of over 140. Also in second place was Martin Jones. Several new players, reflecting the growth in two of the county’s clubs, Carrick and Penwith, enjoyed the weekend and Thomas Oates (age 13), David Walton, Ben Jago and John James all scored well.

The inder 120 and under 100 grading prizes were won by Anton Barkhuysen (Camborne) and John James (Penwith) with 3/5. The junior prize was won by Thomas Oates (Camborne) with 3/5

1 Jan Rodrigo Penwith UG (1) 1b11 1w19 1b6 1b5 ½w2
2-3 Harvey Richings Penwith 100 (2) ½bye 1w9 1b13 1w17 ½b1 4
  Martin Jones Newquay 121 (3) 0b19 1w11 1b23 1w14 1w5  
4 David J Jenkins Penwith 134 (4) 1b10 ½w13 ½b12 1w18 ½b6
5-11 Jason Henderson Lerryn 134 (5) 1b18 1w15 1b17 0w1 0b3 3
  Mick Hill Carrick 142 (6} 1w21 ½b7 0w1 1b20 ½w4
  Anton Barkhuysen Camborne 114 (7) 1b18 ½w6 0b14 1w19 ½b12  
  Kenton Richings Penwith 126 (8) 0b13 1w10 ½b19 1w12 ½w9  
  Thomas Oates Camborne 81 (9) ½bye 0b2 1w21 1w15 ½b8
  Christine Constable Bude 106 (10) 0w4 0b8 1w25 1b22 1b17
  John James Penwith UG (11) 0w1 0b3 1bye 1b24 1w18
12-16 John Constable Bude 121 (12) 1w23 ½b20 ½w4 0b8 ½w7
  David Walton Carrick UG (13) 1w8 ½b4 0w2 ½b21 ½b14  
  Ian Renshaw Carrick 122 (14) 0b22 1b16 1w7 0b3 ½w13  
  Richard Humpleby Penwith 117 (15) 1w25 0b5 ½w20 0b9 1w21  
  Ben Jago Penwith 96 (16) 0b17 0w14 1b24 ½bye 1w22  
17-20 David R Jenkins Calstock 130 (17) 1w16 1b22 0w5 0b2 0w10 2
  Richard Hendin Calstock 108 (18) 0w5 1b25 1w22 0b4 0b11  
  Bryan Jones Carrick UG (19) 1w3 0b1 ½w8 0b7 ½w20  
  Philip Spargo Camborne 102 (20) ½bye ½w12 ½b15 0w6 ½b19  
21 Maurice Richards Liskeard 107 (21) 0b6 1w24 0b9 ½w13 0b15
22-24 Sam Edwards Carrick 66 (22) 1b14 0w17 0b18 0w10 0b16 1
  Ashley Jones Carrick UG (23) 0b12 1bye 0w3      
  Tamara Burgess Carrick 48 (24) 0w7 0b21 0w16 0w11 1bye  
25 Joshua Leaver - UG (25) 0b15 0w18 0b10 ½bye   ½