Welcome to the website of the Cornwall County Chess Association
Meeting Night
Mondays and Saturdays
Venue (Mondays 1730 to 2030)
Hotel Victoria,
East Street,
Tel: 01637 738777
Venue (Saturdays 1000 to Noon)
Newquay Library,
Marcus Hill,
John Fernley
Tel: 07452 961221
County Shield
Team Captain
Clive Rothery
Tel: TBA
Fixtures and results
Loss 11/09/2023 ½-3½ Bude
Loss 25/09/2023 1-3 Falmouth & Truro
Win 15/11/2023 2½-1½ Calstock
Win 24/11/2023 2½-1½ Camborne A
Win 27/11/2023 2½-1½ Camborne B
Away 29/01/2024 Mon North Cornwall
Away 08/02/2024 Thu Bude
Home 04/03/2024 Mon Camborne A
Home 18/03/2024 Mon Falmouth & Truro
Away 08/04/2024 Mon Camborne B
Home 22/04/2024 Mon North Cornwall
Home 20/05/2024 Mon Calstock
Quickplay League
Team Captain
Mike Burr
Tel: 07828 058303
Fixtures and results
Win 23/10/2023 4½-3½ Falmouth & Truro
Loss 20/11/2023 2½-5½ Camborne A
Home 22/01/2024 Mon Camborne B
Home 19/02/2024 Mon Falmouth & Truro
Away 29/03/2024 Fri Camborne B
Away 15/04/2024 Mon Camborne A
Minor League
Team Captain
Gareth Tanner
Tel: 07815 873914
Fixtures and results
Win 09/10/2023 4½-3½ Liskeard
Home 04/12/2023 Mon Bude
Home 18/12/2023 Mon Lerryn
Away 16/01/2024 Tue Lerryn
Away 14/03/2024 Thu Bude
Home 01/04/2024 Mon Liskeard
Away 12/04/2024 Fri Camborne
Home 29/04/2024 Mon Camborne
A. W. Busby Cup
Team Captain
Clive Rothery
Fixtures and results
Win 02/10/2023 Default Liskeard
About the Club

Everyone is welcome at our meetings in the Victoria Hotel and the Library. We help learners gain an understanding of the great game of chess. At the moment our games are "friendlies" but we will introduce competitions when people are ready.

Our Saturday club meets at Newquay library from 1000 to noon. It is aimed at juniors and beginners but all are welcome.

For more information please contact:

Newquay chess club
John Fernley 07452 961221
Gareth Tanner 07815 873914

Support for motor expenses to away matches

The trustees of the Cornwall Chess Trust have agreed to offer financial support to clubs for the cost of travelling to away matches. Details of the scheme and the application form can be found here.

Last updated 28/11/2023

Team Competition Results
Results (all competitions and teams)
Board scores - Newquay (all competitions)
League tables
Rules (complete set)
County Shield
Quickplay League
Minor League
A. W. Busby Cup
Dec 4 Mon Home v Bude
Dec 18 Mon Home v Lerryn
Jan 16 Tue Away v Lerryn
Jan 22 Mon Home v Camborne B
Jan 29 Mon Away v North Cornwall
Feb 8 Thu Away v Bude
Feb 19 Mon Home v Falmouth & Truro
Mar 4 Mon Home v Camborne A
Mar 14 Thu Away v Bude
Mar 18 Mon Home v Falmouth & Truro
Mar 29 Fri Away v Camborne B
Apr 1 Mon Home v Liskeard
Apr 8 Mon Away v Camborne B
Apr 12 Fri Away v Camborne
Apr 15 Mon Away v Camborne A
Apr 22 Mon Home v North Cornwall
Apr 29 Mon Home v Camborne
May 20 Mon Home v Calstock

Player Ratings (2023/24)
The full rating list of all players in Cornwall is here
Richard Clark 1900 1900E
Kieran Macphail 1814 1521
Andy Beach 1600E 1600E
Ben Smith 1600E 1600E
Clive Rothery 1592 1592
Ian Murray 1550E 1550E
Richard Nancarrow 1540 1540E
Martin Jones 1533 1525E
Juraj Piar 1000N 1000N
Kilani Jones 1000N 1000N
Gareth Tanner 1000N 1000N
Mason Morningstar 1000N 1000N
Mike Burr 1000N 1000N
John Coe 1000N 1000N
Sophie Wynter 1000N 1000N
John Fernley 1000N 1000N
Keith Pope 1000N 1000N
Aksinnia Yemelyanova 1000N 1000N
Aslam Labib 1000N 1000N
Eddy Pope 1000N 1000N
Seb Clery 1000N 1000N