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Meeting Night
Boot Inn
Fore Street
PL18 9RN
Tel: 01822 834866
Richard Hendin
Tel: 07812 891601
Roberts Cup
Team Captain
David R Jenkins
Tel: 01822 832233
500 League
Team Captain
Richard Hendin
Tel: 07812 601891
Arthur Busby Cup
Team Captain
David R Jenkins
Tel: 01822 832233
Roger Grime Cup
Team Captain
Steve Knight
Tel: 01822 834017
About the club

The Calstock Chess Club meets Wednesday evenings from 7 pm in the Boot Inn, Calstock. the club offers chess training for players aspiring to improve their game as well as opportunities for casual and competitive chess. All are welcome, including beginners, juniors and returners to chess, as well as graded players new to the area.


Matches and club nights are held in the convivial atmosphere of the Boot Inn, our excellent hosts, where for matches we have a quiet dedicated room.

For more information please contact:

David Jenkins 01822 832233
Richard Hendin 07812 891601
Steve Knight 01822 834017

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Team News

Strategic alliance

The Calstock and Lerryn Chess Clubs are continuing their strategic alliance with overlapping membership. This arrangement was endorsed by the Cornwall Chess Association to assist village clubs in meeting their league obligations. This year there has been a switch of club nights, with Calstock meeting on Wednesdays and Lerryn on Thursdays, a change that effects the scheduling of league matches.

League and Cup Results

The latest league results and current league tables are here

Board scores of all matches are here

Club News

The club was mid-placed in the Roberts Cup last season, but did less well in the 500 league, although the differences were narrow.

We have lost David Twine to Plymouth although he has assisted in our training program and may still make the occasional game for us. Several new members have joined the club and the level of enthusiasm is high both for league participation and friendly games on club night.

Last updated 5/7/2018

Graded players
  JUL 2017 JAN 2018
David Twine 161 (E) 156 182 156
Gary Trudeau 148 152 151 148
Stephen Pearce 126 106 122 105
Jason Henderson 125 114 124 119
David R Jenkins 121 132 117 131
Alistair Bissell 115 (E) 115 (E)    
Andy Young 108 81 103 85
Richard Hendin 99 86 97 84
Alan Yoshihara-Coles 97 (E) 107 79 105
Phil James 84 83 84 86
Steve Knight 68 96 76 99
John Lazarus 50 (N) 50 (N)    
George Black 50 (N) 50 (N)    
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