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Meeting Night
Boot Inn
Fore Street
PL18 9RN
Tel: 01822 834866
David R Jenkins
Tel: 01822 832233
Richard Hendin
Tel: 07812 891601
County Shield
This team plays its home matches on Mondays at the Eliot House Hotel, Liskeard. Details of the venue, team captain, fixture schedule and list of the Liskeard players are on the Liskeard page.
This team plays its home matches on Thursdays at the Boot Inn.
Team Captain
Mick Hill
Tel: 07973 757350
Fixtures and results
W 07/10/2019 3 - 2 Liskeard
L 28/10/2019 2 - 3 Falmouth *
L 15/11/2019 2 - 3 Camborne
W 04/12/2019 4 - 1 Newquay
L 09/01/2020 ½ - 4½ Bude
L 15/01/2020 2 - 3 Truro
W 23/01/2020 4 - 1 Penzance
W 05/02/2020 3 - 2 Liskeard
A 19/02/2020 Wed Falmouth
A 20/03/2020 Fri Penzance
The above match will be played at Bickford Smith Bowling Pavilion, Tuckingmill.
H 25/03/2020 Wed Camborne
H 15/04/2020 Wed Bude
H 27/04/2020 Mon Truro *
A 18/05/2020 Mon Newquay
  * indicates fixtures to be played at Liskeard
Roberts Cup
Team Captain
David R Jenkins
Tel: 01822 832233
Fixtures and results
W 18/09/2019 2½ - 1½ Truro and Falmouth Rooks
H TBA Thu Lerryn
W 18/10/2019 2½ - 1½ Redruth
W 30/01/2020 4 - 0 Liskeard
H 27/02/2020 Thu Truro and Falmouth Kings *
A 03/04/2020 Fri Camborne
H 23/04/2020 Thu Bude
A 11/05/2020 Mon Newquay
  * indicates fixtures to be played at Liskeard
500 League
Team Captain
Nigel Kirkman
Tel: 07809 283758
Fixtures and results
W 02/10/2019 4½ - 3½ Lerryn
W 04/11/2019 6 - 2 Liskeard
L 19/12/2019 3 - 5 Bude
L 23/01/2020 4½ - 3½ Liskeard
A 05/03/2020 Thu Bude
H 09/04/2020 Thu Lerryn
Arthur Busby Cup
Team Captain
Richard Hendin
Tel: 07812 601891
Fixtures and results
L 23/10/2019 1½ - 3½ Carrick
Roger Grime Cup
Team Captain
Richard Hendin
Tel: 07812 891601
Fixtures and results
L 11/10/2019 1 - 3 Camborne
About the club

Calstock Chess Club meets on Thursday evenings from 7.15 pm in the Boot Inn. the club offers chess training for players aspiring to improve their game as well as opportunities for casual and competitive chess. All are welcome, including beginners, juniors and returners to chess, as well as graded players new to the area.


Matches and club nights are held at the Boot, where for matches we have a quiet dedicated room. Parking is available nearby on the quay.

Some home matches, particularly in the County Shield, are played elsewhere, either at the Eliot House Hotel in Liskeard or at a mid-point venue by negotiation with the opponenents. Please check here for the latest information.

For more information please contact:

David Jenkins 01822 832233
Richard Hendin 07812 891601

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Team News
Teams in the Cornwall County Chess Association Leagues

In addition to the knockout competitions (the Roger Grime and A. W. Busby cups), the club has entered teams in three leagues. In the top league, the County Shield, we run two teams in association with our partner club in Liskeard, effectively run as ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams. We will also be entering teams in association with Lerryn in the Roberts Cup and the ‘quickplay’ 500 League.

Strategic alliance

The Calstock and Lerryn Chess Clubs are continuing their strategic alliance with overlapping membership. This arrangement was endorsed by the Cornwall County Chess Association to assist village clubs in meeting their league obligations, although with three new members Lerryn Chess Club is now hopefully off the endangered list.

Club News

Several new members have joined the club and the level of enthusiasm is high both for league participation and friendly games on club night. The club organised two successful simultaneous displays last year, one with IM Andrew Greet and one with Theo Slade. We work in association with Chess in Schools and Communities in teaching chess at Calstock Community Primary School, from September in curriculum time. Regular training sessions are held on club nights on chess opening theory, tactics etc. The club’s Facebook page (webmaster Richard Hendin om1770) gives regular coverage of match reports and activities, and includes a photograph album. Our founder David Jenkins has been elected President of the Cornwall County Chess Association as compensation for his declining ECF grade.

Last updated 8/2/2020

Team Competition Results
League tables
Board scores (all competitions)
Calendar (inc. away matches in black)
19/2 Wed Shield Falmouth  
27/2 Thu Roberts Truro and Falmouth Kings  
5/3 Thu 500 Bude  
20/3 Fri Shield Penzance At Camborne
25/3 Wed Shield Camborne  
3/4 Fri Roberts Camborne  
9/4 Thu 500 Lerryn  
15/4 Wed Shield Bude  
23/4 Thu Roberts Bude  
27/4 Mon Shield Truro At Liskeard
11/5 Mon Roberts Newquay  
18/5 Mon Shield Newquay  

Graded players (2019/20) - Including Lerryn
David Twine (SR) 180 152
Duncan Irvine (SR) 177 177
Gary Trudeau (SLF) 158 149
Mick Hill (R) 142 139
Nigel Kirkman (R) 142 136
Jason Henderson 137 119
Stephen Savill (L) 134 119
Terry Glover 128 128
Alistair Bissell 128 97
Keith Brewer (L) 127 132
Brian Parkin (L) 126 129
Stephen Pearce (LF) 116 94
David R Jenkins 113 121
Andy Young 112 78
Gabriel Rusalowicz (L) 110 102
Maurice Richards (L) 105 115
Mark Reid 104 104
George Black 101 101
David Lucas (L) 98 114
Steve Knight 97 101
Don King (L) 96 76
Richard Hendin 88 78
Phil James 88 88
Alan Yoshihara-Coles 79 103
Eric Westlake (L) 73 93
Stuart Lee (L) 72 89
Rod Du Pille 50 50
Maria Stoneman 50 50
Nicholas Schwederer 50 50
Barry Croucher 50 50
S = Nominated for the County Shield
R = Nominated for the Roberts Cup
L = Liskeard player (Shield)
F = Playing for Calstock/Lerryn in 500 League
NB: All Liskeard players will be playing for Liskeard in the Roberts Cup and will therefore be ineligible for Calstock teams.
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