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User Guide to Playing on Lichess


Most of the activities of Cornwall Online Chess require the use of These include participation in the 4NCL Online League, the Cornwall Online League, the Cornwall Online Champions, etc. This guide explains how to create an account in lichess, join the Cornwall team and enter its tournaments.

1) Create an account on the website:

1.1) Go to

1.2) Click Sign in.

1.3) On Sign In page click Register.

1.4) On Register page:
1.41) Choose a user name and type it into the box.
1.42) Choose a password and type it into the box.
1.43) Enter your email address into the box
1.44) Click the 4 conditions so that they change from red to green.
1.45) Click Register.

1.5) You will receive an email with a validation link. Click that and your membership will be complete and you will be able to use all the facilities of lichess.

2) Add your name to the Cornwall team

IMPORTANT: If your user name is not recognisable, please include it in a message during this process. Anonymous members will not be admitted.

2.11) Go to
2.12) If necesssary, sign in.

2.2) On the Cornwall page click the Join team button

2.3 You will see a message telling you that your membership is pending

2.4) Provided the Team Leader knows who you are, he will activate your membership the next time he accesses lichess.

2.5) Your membership will be complete and you will be able to take part in all the activities of the Cornwall team.

3) Join a tournament in the Cornwall team.

3.1) Go to the tournament page in one of the following two ways:
a) If you have received an email from the Team leader with a link to the tournament, click the link
b) Go to
Your user name should appear at the top right of the page.
Click the link to the tournament.

3.2) On the tournament page you will see a link labelled Join at the top right.

3.3) Click this link.

3.4 The system will add you to the list of players shown in the tournament profile.

3.5 When you log in to your lichess account before the tournament starts the system will warn you to be ready shortly before the start time

3.6 The system gives you 15 seconds to make your first move. If you navigate away from this page you will not see the alert that your game has started and risk losing on time.

3.7 You can pause and rejoin the tournament at any time. If you break away to observe a game without pausing, you risk not seeing the alert that your next game has started and losing on time.

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12th April 2020