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Online Match: Falmouth & Truro 4 - 7 Lewisham

Sunday 27th January 2021

  Falmouth & Truro 4 - 7 Lewisham
1 2065 Lloyd Retallick 0 - 1 Madara Orlovska 2125
2 2050 Jeremy Menadue ½ - ½ Mark Robertson 2088
3 1942 Mark Hassall 1 - 0 Peter Wood 1990
4 1983 Robin Kneebone 1 - 0 Tim Gluckman 1885
5 1750 Manuel Patiño 0 - 1 Andrew Craig 1773
6 1643 Beatrice Steele 0 - 1 Cam Tat 1700
7 1607 Bryan Jones ½ - ½ Tony Foreman 1570
8 1525 Ian Renshaw 1 - 0 Cris Marchettini 1405
9 1412 Peter Doubleday 0 - 1 Henry Butowsky 1550
10 1390 Maria Evdokimova 0 - 1 Jim Barber 1308
11 1345 Hugh Brown 0 - 1 Iain Hunt 1255


Out of the blue, we were challenged to a match by Andrew Craig, secretary of the large and enterprising in SE London. The plan was to field the maximum number of boards both clubs could find, keeping ratings roughly balanced. In the end, the match was fought over 11 boards. Lewisham had white on the odds.

We had just 3 wins, and 2 of those were against the run of play; we had 6 losses. Mark (board 3) was lost but fought back in fine style to deliver mate. Ian won when his opponent suffered a mouse slip and lost his queen. Robin (4) was able to play a standard line against the ..b6 ..e6 ..f5 setup and obtained a fine position which led to the win of a piece.

Here are our wins on board 3 and board 4

On board 1 Lloyd faced Madara Orlovska (ELO 2125) and the complicated game swung to and fro. In this position white blundered with Nc3, but Lloyd played the wrong sacrifice, missing the winning reply.

On 2, Jeremy gained an edge but agreed a draw as time trouble approached in a difficult position.

Lewisham won on board 5 when Manuel overlooked a bishop skewer winning the exchange. Despite stiff resistance, the material advantage told eventually. Beatrice (white on 6) lost her first game back after a long summer break. She lost a pawn from a little combo; but Stockfish reckons the resulting position is better for white. However, Bea did not keep the initiative and the material advantage gradually told.

Bryan played a typically solid game to equalise then repeat moves as black on 7. On 8, Ian was gifted a queen, and the point, due to a mouse slip. On board 11, Hugh played fast in a complex position and lost material. His opponent played well and saw through the tricks.

Boards 9 and 10 were interesting. On board 9 Peter lost narrowly after a hard fight. The game shows Peter fighting back after a poor opening, then going astray again but battling on. Board 10 was the last to finish. Maria (white) didn't know the opening and got behind, but by move 32 was winning. However, as the clocks counted down, black's pressure increased and Maria went astray, losing in 61 tense moves.

The final score of 7-4 to Lewisham reflects their greater experience of league chess. At least our “Trelawny's Army” foursome came out ahead of the 4NCL Division 2 team on the top 4 boards, thanks to Mark's fightback. Thanks to Lewisham for the ideas, and the match; and to Andrew Craig for his efficient organisation.


Robin Kneebone (28/9/2020)