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Cornwall Online League Rules


These rules cannot cover all possible situations that may arise during the competition, nor can they regulate all administrative questions. The purpose of this league is to promote friendly competition in a spirit of fair play. The organisers take the view that, where cases are not precisely regulated by a clause in these Rules, too detailed a rule or too narrow an interpretation might produce an outcome that was not fair to all parties. When ruling on any doubtful point, or one not covered in these Rules, fairness must be the Controller’s primary consideration. The organisers appeal to all team captains and competitors to accept this view.


In these rules “Cornwall” refers to the “Cornwall or All Cornwall" team on

“lichess” means the website and chess-playing platform,

“Team captain” means the person responsible for team administration, including communication with the Controller

“Squad” means the group of players from which the Team Captain selects his team.

“Cornwall online rating” means the rating published on the Cornwall Chess website ( The order of priority is:
i) ECF Online Standard rating
ii) ECF OTB Standard rating
iii) Estimate where none of the above applies

Competition Rules

1) The competition is open to all members of the Cornwall or of the closed All Cornwall team.

2) On or before 9 a.m. on Monday August 9, 2021 any member of the Cornwall team may enter one or more teams in the competition.

3) 3. If there are nine or more entries, the league will be played over seven rounds Under the Swiss pairing system. Otherwise, it will be an all-play-all competition consisting of one division.

4) Composition of Squads

a) On or before 9 on Thursday August 12, 2021 the Team Captain must submit to the Controller a list of the players in his or her squad.

b) Players may not appear in two lists simultaneously.

c) A player may be added or deleted provided the Controller is so notified no later than 9 a.m. on the Thursday before the round.

5(a) Match dates and pairings will be announced by the Controller once entries are finalised. Matches must be played on the specified dates.

5(b)All the matches in any round will be played simultaneously.

6) Composition and Ordering of Teams

a) Teams will consist of four players.

b) No later than 9 a.m. on the day before the round the Team Captain will send the team list to the Controller in board order.

c) Known defaults must be on the lowest boards.

d) Subject to 6(e) the teams must consist only of players on the lists submitted to the Controller in accordance with Rule 4.

e) Where only two or three players are available, one or two players belonging to another squad may be added to the team provided that neither player has a grade higher than the two team members with the highest grades.

f) Where there is a difference of more than 80 grading points between two players in the same team, the higher rated player must play on a higher board than the lower rated player. If a team list is submitted in breach of this rule, then the submitted team will be amended to play in descending rating order.

g) For the purpose of 6(f) the Cornwall Online ratings will be used.

7) Conduct of Matches

a) Each player will play one game against his or her opponent. The team scoring most game points will be the winner.

b) If a player fails to play his first move within 30 minutes of the start of play, the game shall be awarded to his opponent. This shall not apply if, during that time, the opposing captain consents to the player’s replacement by an eligible substitute.

c) All games will be played using the game-playing facilities of lichess.

d) All games will be played using the RATED setting. The penalty for breach of this regulation is the loss of the game for both players.

e) The time limit for each game will be all moves in 45 minutes plus 15 seconds per move from move 1.

f) Play will start at 7 p.m.

g) The first-named team in each pairing will have the white pieces on the odd-numbered boards and black on the even-numbered boards.

h) Two points will be awarded for a win, one for a draw and none for a loss.

i) Both team captains must submit results to the controller by no later than 11 a.m. of the day following the match.

8) The Controller will cause all match results to be published as soon as practicable.

Where he is of the opinion that it would not be appropriate for him to make a decision on any matter in which a team of which he is a member has an interest, or if it appears to him to be otherwise necessary for the efficient administration of the competition, the Controller may nominate an independent person to carry out this duty.

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25th June 2021