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Round Dates (Sundays 7 p.m.)
Jun 14 Round 1
Jun 21 Round 2
Jun 28 Round 3
Jul 5 Round 4
Jul 12 Round 5
Jul 19 Round 6
Jul 26 Round 7
Aug 2 Round 8
Aug 9 Round 9

Fixtures and Results
League table

Team Results
Calstock & Lerryn Killers
Calstock & Lerryn Clowns
Camborne Trevithick
Falmouth & Truro 1
Falmouth & Truro 2
Falmouth & Truro 3
Redruth Sharp

How to start a game in Lichess

Teams and Captains

1 team
Team captain: TBA

Calstock & Lerryn

Calstock 1 Mick Hill Tel: 07973 757350.
Calstock 2 David Jenkins Tel: 01822 832233


Camborne Trevithick
Redruth Sharp
Team captain (both) Ian George
Tel: 07890 133221 (m), 01209 719727


Falmouth/Truro 1 Robin Kneebone
Tel: 01209 418412 (h) 07531 543651 (m)
Falmouth/Truro 2 Bryan Jones Email:
Tel: 01209 216812 (h) 07977 593637 (m)
Falmouth/Truro 3 TBA

1 team
Team captain: Richard Nancarrow Tel: 01637 859626

Cornwall Online League

Play in the Cornwall Online League starts on June 14. Matches will be played on lichess between teams of 4 players on Sundays at 7 p.m. The rate of play will be 45 minutes each for all the moves plus increments of 15 seconds from move 1.

The system for starting games will be familiar to those playing in the National Online league, with the player having White challenging his opponent on lichess. Full details are at http://html/online/challenge.shtml

Follow the links from the left-hand column of this page for information on rules, fixtures, team captains, results, standings, etc.


I have drawn up a fixture list based on 9 teams, with each reciving a bye.

The squad lists in the right-hand column are provisional and subject to alteration. I will update whenever team managers notify me of changes.

Please note that only members of the All Cornwall group on lichess are eligible to play in this league. Team managers need to make sure that all the players they wish to include in their squads for any round are All Cornwall members on or before 9 p.m. of the Thursday before the round is played.


Round 1
Thu 11 Jun 9 p.m. Deadline for declaration of players squads
Fri 12 Jun 9 p.m. Deadline for declaration of team lists.
Sat 13 June Publication of pairings
Sun 14 Jun 7 p.m. Start of play: Round 1
Mon 15 Jun 11 a.m. Deadline for reporting match results to Controller
This sequence will be repeated for all subsequent rounds.

Ian George

Last updated 1/6/2020

Cornwall Online Chess League Squads
Calstock & Lerryn


Ian George (163)
Jamie Morgan (157)
Philip Williams (154E)
--> Richard Smith (149)
Percy Gill (145)
David J Jenkins (143)
Martin Pope (129)
Tom Oates (128)
Philip Spargo (97)
John James (73)
Pat Scully (UG)
Falmouth & Truro