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Mar 14 Round 6
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Calstock & Lerryn Killers
Calstock & Lerryn Clowns
Camborne Trevithick
Camborne Pendarves
Carrick Academicals
Carrick Saracens
Carrick Crusaders

How to start a game in Lichess

Cornwall Online League (Season 2)

Season 2 starts on Sunday 3rd January

Matches are played on lichess between teams of 4 players. The rate of play is 45 minutes each for all the moves plus increments of 15 seconds from move 1.

The system for starting games will be familiar to those playing in the 4NCL Online League, with the player having White challenging his opponent on lichess. Full details are at

Follow the links from the left-hand column of this page for information on rules, fixtures and results, team captains and squad lists, standings, etc.

Please note that only members of the Cornwall or the closed All Cornwall group on lichess are eligible to play in this league. Team managers need to make sure that all the players they wish to include in their squads for any round are members on or before 9 p.m. of the Thursday before the round is played.


Round 1
Mon 28 Jan 9 p.m. Deadline for declaration of players squads
Thu 31 Dec 9 a.m. Deadline for declaration of players squads
Sat 2 Jan 9 a.m. Deadline for declaration of team lists.
Sat 2 Aug Publication of pairings
Sun 3 Jan 7 p.m. Start of play
Mon 4 Jan 11 a.m. Deadline for reporting match results to Controller
This sequence will be repeated for all subsequent rounds.

Ian George

Take Back Requests

In common with other online platforms lichess allows players to make a take back request, which the opponent is at liberty to grant or refuse as he or she sees fit. The principal use of this is where a mouse slip cause a player to move a piece to an unintended square.

I understand how frustrating it is to do this, having done it myself more than once. I also understand that momentary loss of control might affect, for example, an arthritis sufferer. Having said that, I believe that competitive online play should, wherever possible, be conducted according to the same principles as over the board play. Furthermore the use of take back requests has the potential for creating a form of "moral blackmail" where the opponent considers that he or she will, unfairly, be thought guilty of poor sportsmanship if he or she refuses.

Accordingly, while I'm not going to a make a rule prohibiting take back requests, I do not think that they should be used in our online competitions. I therefore request all players to refrain from making them. If you do make one and your opponent refuses, please remember that he or she has every right to do so and that for some people this is a matter of principle.

The above remarks apply only to our formal competitions and not to the Arena/Swiss/Team Battle events that we organise once or twice a week.

Ian George

Last updated 25/11/2020

Cornwall Online League (Season 2)
League Table - Final Standings
Bude 0 0
Calstock Killers 0 0
Camborne Pendarves 0 0
Newquay 0 0
Carrick Saracens 0 0
Carrick Crusaders 0 0
Camborne Trevithick 0 0
Carrick Academicals 0 0
Lerryn Clowns 0 0
Win = 2, draw = 1, loss or default = 0 points
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