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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Bickford Smith Bowling Club, Tuckingmill on Monday 25th June 2018

Printable version here. Includes accounts and officers' reports.
J. Menadue (chairman), H. Brown, C. Sellwood, S. Fanning, I. George, J. James, D. King, D. R. Jenkins, R. Kneebone, R. Nancarrow, I. Renshaw, R. Smith, B. Jones, G. Healey
President's Welcome and Remarks
The president welcomed all present to the meeting and noted that it had been an eventful season. He paid particular tribute to Mark Hassall’s excellent captaincy of the county teams. Adam Hussain played in the England team for his age group during the season.
Apologies for absence
C. Constable, J. Constable, D. J. Jenkins, M. Hassall, J. Nicholas, G. Trudeau, R. Clark, M. Pilling, P. James, B. Parkin, K. Brewer
Minutes of the 2017 AGM

It was agreed that the minutes of the meeting held on 19th July 2017 be taken as read. There were no matters arising.

Officers' Reports
Treasurer: (I George)
Report and accounts here.
The Treasurer presented the accounts for the year and reported that the state of the Association’s finances was satisfactory. Total funds amounted to £2,018, including £891 in the Napier Fund for junior chess. The bank balance was £623 lower at £1,966. The main factors contributing to this were the purchase from the ECF of 8 DGT3000 digital clocks at a total cost of £238 and the hire of a minibus with driver for the match versus Surrey at East Huntspill in Somerset. This cost £420. He noted that expenditure at this level on a single match was not sustainable and that the cost of future long-distance travel should be covered by donations or sponsorship. This was agreed.
The accounts were approved.
The meeting approved the Treasurer’s proposal that a sum of £150 be made available to the team captain to be used at his discretion to pay travel expenses to players participating in county matches.
League Secretary: (H Brown)
Report here.
Winners of the team competitions were:
County Shield: Shared between Penwith and Camborne
Roberts Cup: Newquay
500 League: Camborne
A W Busby Cup: Penwith
R J Grime Cup: Bude
Junior Secretary: (K Richings)
Although no report was received from the retiring Junior Secretary a discussion took place on the current state of junior chess in Cornwall. Robin Kneebone (RK) said that very few juniors who took part in the junior events carried their interest into adult life or even into secondary school. The clubs had a key role to play in the encouragement and coaching of juniors, particularly by including them in teams and providing opportunities to play competitive chess.
It was agreed that the committee should write to parents generally inviting volunteers so that a team can be formed to run the junior championships.
Match Captain: (M Hassall)
Report here.
Election of officers
The following were elected:
Executive Sub-Sommittee
President David R Jenkins
Secretary Ian George
Treasurer Ian George
League Secretary Hugh Brown
Match Captain Richard Smith
Junior Secretary Vacant
Publicity Officer Robin Kneebone
Co-opted Jeremy Menadue
WECU Delegate Richard Smith
Grader Ian George
Consideration of Proposals

Event Organisation

  1. That a group of at least 10 people be established to plan, organise, and run chess events in Cornwall.

    Proposed: Robin Kneebone Seconded: Ian George

    RK explained that, apart from the Kerrier Cup in October, there were currently no plans and little prospect of any events (including the annual championship congress) taking place in Cornwall during the 2018/19 season. No one person should be responsible for all the work associated with an event. In order to have a programme of events during the season a large volunteer group was needed whose members would share the planning, booking, running and finishing of each event

    The motion was passed unanimously.


    At the meeting the following people offered to be part of the volunteer group: John James, Ian Renshaw, Ian George (IG), Hugh Brown, David R Jenkins (DRJ), Bryan Jones. DRJ stated that Richard Hendin would be interested in joining and Richard subsequently confirmed this.

    IG suggested that the Committee should seek to recruit further members, draw up a list of desired events and invite members of the volunteer group to run them.

    The great experience and expertise of ECF qualified arbiter John Constable were widely acknowledged and the meeting unanimously approved DRJ’s offer to contact him concerning the possibility of his controlling the Emigrant and Falmouth Cups.

    The day after the meeting Colin and Rebecca Gardiner expressed an interest in organising the annual congress.

League Rules

  1. That, in the County Shield and Roberts Cup, if two or more teams finish level on points, the team having gained most points from matches between these teams will be declared the winner (League Rules: no.6)

    Proposed: Hugh Brown Seconded: John James

    Ian George proposed an amendment that in these circumstances the trophy should be shared.

    The motion, as amended, was passed by 7 votes to 6.
  2. That League rule 13 be amended to read as follows:

    No player ordinarily resident or attending an educational establishment more than 20 miles beyond the border between Devon and Cornwall may be nominated in accordance with Rule 12 above.”

    Proposed: Richard Hendin (in absentia) Seconded: Ian George

    IG explained that this rule was introduced before Bude and Calstock joined the association and at a time when Liskeard was the easternmost club. The “natural” catchment areas of Bude and Calstock include Holsworthy and Tavistock. This motion seeks to allow clubs near the county boundary a degree of parity with clubs farther west by extending the “county boundary for chess” a short distance into Devon.

    The motion was passed unanimously
  3. That the words “and all its players graded 165 or over” be deleted from from rule 11(b)

    Proposed: Ian George Seconded: Hugh Brown

    IG explained that the purpoe of this motion was to delete superfluouswords from rule 11(b) without altering its meaning.

    The motion was passed unanimously.
  4. That from the 2019/20 season the Roberts Cup be contested as an total-grade competition

    Proposed: Robin Kneebone Seconded: Ian George

    RK said that it was necessary to try and make a more competitive league, to reduce the number of large mismatches which currently occur on boards 3 and 4 between some teams, and to encourage clubs to find and help novices into league chess. Devon’s experience was that total-grade systems were the best for bringing in extra players to competitive chess.

    The exact means of implementing the change to an total-grade system should be discussed and agreed during the 2018/19 season for ratification at the 2019 AGM.

    IG suggested that a combination of total-grade and points handicap systems was worth considering.

    The motion was passed unanimously.

New Competition

  1. That for the 2018/19 season a new competition be inaugurated to provide competitive chess for more of the county's players.

    Proposed: Robin Kneebone Seconded: Ian George

    RK said that this proposal was designed to provide a competition aimed at offering newcomers and improvers the opportunity to be the key participants in matches instead of largely filling in on lower boards.

    He envisaged a league, where teams would play graded games under match conditions with the time controls, grade limits (possibly team grade averaging less than 100), number in team (possibly 4), etc. all to be agreed between the two competing clubs.

    This league would start in the new year at or near the end of the 500 League with the fixtures to be drawn up after the rest of the season's schedule is finalised.

    IG proposed that the target date for finalisation of rules and arrangements be 30th November.

    The motion, as amended, was well recived and passed unanimously.

Fees for the 2018/19 Season
The meeting approved the treasurer’s proposal that the entry fees for the team competitions should remain unchanged.
Any Other Business
Stephen Fanning said that he and Peter Cushion were attempting to revive the Godolphin chess club at Helston and requested that the details be put on the website. IG agreed to do this.
There being no other business, the chairman declared the meeting closed at 20:45.
IAN GEORGE (Secretary)
25th June 2018