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Annual Congress 2019

Played on 3rd-5th May 2019 at the Falmouth Hotel

Final Standings and Prize List

This year for the first time the congress was thrown open to all comers and held at the Falmouth Hotel. This proved to be a splendid venue in every way. With a magnificent view across Falmouth Bay and comfortable and quiet playing-rooms, everything conspired to produce ideal conditions for playing chess.

The lion's share of the credit for the success of the event is due to three people. Organisers Colin and Rebecca Gardiner identified the Falmouth Hotel as a promising venue, successfully negotiated the booking for the first weekend in May, designed and distributed the brochure and thoroughly publicised the event at the many congresses they attended beforehand. They were efficient and unobtrusive organisers throughout. ECF arbiter, John Constable from Bude was the controller and his vast experience and knowledge ensured that the chess aspect of the event ran smoothly at all times. A new and very useful feature was the instantaneous live posting and update of the results and standings to

The total entry was 77 with 33 from Cornwall and 44 from across the Tamar, including players from Kendal, Carlisle, Harrogate, Norwich and the Isle of Man. The overwhelming positive feedback that we have received is most heartening and we look forward to welcoming back as many as possible, together with some new people, next year.

Brendan O'Gorman, who is well known for taking his camera to the many congresses he attends and posting albums of photos to his website, has produced a fine set of pictures of our congress. These can be found at Brendan has kindly given his permission for photos from his site to reproduced here and I intend to do this in due course.

The complete round by round pairings and final crosstables for all three sections can be found at I have also posted a printable copy here.

Championship U190

The first-time winner of the Emigrant Cup and new Cornwall champion is Grant Healey. He defeated defending champion, Jeremy Menadue, in round 2 and held the lead in the contest for the Emigrant Cup from then on. The game can be played over in your browser from here.
Other games: Toby Willis 1-0 Brendan O'Gorman, Colin Sellwood 0-1 Jamie Morgan
1-2 4 Paul Helbig 184 Bristol £125 (1st=)
    Jonathan Wells 183 Norwich £125 (1st=)
3-4 Stephen Dilleigh 182 Bristol £35 (3rd=)
    Grant Healey 173 Truro £75 (3rd= + trophy bonus)
5-10 3 Jeremy Menadue 186 Truro  
    Mark Littleton 181 Wimborne  
    Lloyd Retallick 174 Newquay  
    William Ingham 161 Teignmouth £40 (U170)
    Matthew Wilson 161 Teignmouth  
    Adam Hussain 150 Truro £40 (U155)
11-13 Robin Kneebone 166 Truro  
    Gary Trudeau 165 Liskeard  
    Charles Howard 160 Newton Abbot  
14-18 2 Jamie Morgan 156 -  
    Frank Pittman 155 Weymouth  
    Brendan O'Gorman 154 DHSS  
    Colin Sellwood 153 Camborne  
    Toby Willis 151 Truro  
19-21 Martyn Harris 162 Kendal  
    Richard Smith 150 Camborne 4 rounds
    Dennis Hellewell 140 -  
22 ½ David Jenkins 114 Calstock  

Major U150

Anton Barkhuysen's success in the Falmouth Cup takes his total number of wins to five, starting in 1976. He finished 3rd= with Percy Gill but with the superior tie-break score.
Games: John Nyman 0-1 Anton Barkhuysen, Anton Barkhuysen 1-0 Paul Jackson, Christopher Peacock 0-1 Percy Gill

1-2 4 Raymond Gamble 141 Derby £125 (1st=)
    David Teague 130 Harrogate £125 (1st=)
3-4 Stephen Williams 141 Cwmbran £35 (3rd=)
    Graham Shepherd 139 Shrewsbury £35 (3rd=)
5-11 3 George Lekoudis 149 Hastings  
    Percy Gill 148 Penzance  
    John Nyman 147 Newton Abbot  
    Jorgen Nielsen 144 Wimborne  
    Rob Woolacott 142 Swale  
    Anton Barkhuysen 120 Camborne £80 (U125 + trophy bonus)
    Paul Errington 118 Bournemouth £40 (U125)
11-17 Laurence Tarbuck 142 Lichfield  
    Mike Maher 139 Lichfield  
    Elliott Spencer 139 Sheffield  
    Philip Walters 138 Carlisle  
    Jason Henderson 132 Lerryn  
    David McLean 129 Norwich  
    Ian Blencowe 124 Gloucester  
18-20 2 Stephen Pride 141 Cambridge  
    Alastair Drummond 131 Bristol  
21-27 Timothy Jones 142 Bristol  
    Paul Jackson 142 Bournemouth  
    Christopher Peacock UG -  
    Daniel Shek 114 Yately  
    Kevin Langmaid 111 Bristol 4 rounds
    John Webb 111 Portsmouth 4 rounds
    Ian Renshaw 110 Truro  
28 1 Bryan Jones 124 Truro  

Minor U110

Christine Constable (Bude) and Maurice Richards (Liskeard) could not be separated on sum of progressive scores; under our rules, therefore, they share the Penwith Cup.
Games: Tony Tatam 0-1 Christine Constable, Maurice Richards 1-0 David Archer

1 Harry Minor 105 Isle of Man £150 (1st)
2-3 4 Christine Constable 107 Bude 105 (2nd= + trophy bonus)
    Maurice Richards 104 Liskeard; 105 (2nd= + trophy bonus)
4-6 John Dean 108 Plymouth  
    Colin Gardiner 104 Camborne  
    Mark Reid UG Lerryn  
7-9 3 Frederico Pinto UG -  
    Anthony Tatam 90 Plymouth £40 (U100)
    John Cox UG Camborne  
10-15 James Galloway 109 Penzance 3 rounds
    David Archer 105 Godalming  
    Philip Spargo 104 Camborne  
    Hugh Brown 88 Truro  
    Oliver Mortimer 85 Newton Abbot  
    Hazel Welch 80 Seaton  
16-23 2 Clive Liggatt UG Newton Abbott  
    James Wallman 84 Dorset  
    Eric Westlake 80 Liskeard  
    John James 78 Camborne  
    Andre Labouchardiere 73 Weymouth £15 (U75 share)
    Andrew Queen 71 Liskeard £15 (U75 share)
    Stuart Lee 70 Liskeard £15 (U75 share)
    James Glasson UG Teignmouth  
24-25 Lloyd Russell UG Bude  
    Myla Hussain 49 Truro  
27 1 Jason Chen UG Truro  
28 ½ Ornela Mallick 35 Truro  
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