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Annual Congress 2018

Played on 9 to 11 March 2018 at Carnon Downs Village Hall

Emigrant Cup (Cornwall Championship)

Defending Cornwall champion James Hooker (Camborne) was unwell and unable to defend his title. At the start of the final round Mark Watkins led by a ½-point ahead of Jeremy Menadue who won their encounter and became Cornwall champion for the fifth time with 4/5. Gary Trudeau, Mark Watkins and David Saqui finished equal 2nd on 3½/5.

Jan Rodrigo Continued his improvement by winning the under 150 grading prize in his first appearance in the Emigrant.

1 Jeremy Menadue Carrick 185 (1) ½w9 1b10 ½w3 1b7 1w4 4
2-4 David Saqui Penwith 170 (2) 0w10 ½b5 1w6 1b9 1b7
  Gary Trudeau Liskeard 151 (3) 1bye 1w7 ½b1 0b4 1w5  
  Mark Watkins Penwith 172 (4) ½b8 1w6 1b9 1w3 0b1  
5 Jan Rodrigo Penwith 140 (5) 0b7 ½w2 1b8 1w10 0b3
6-8 Percy Gill Penwith 143 (6) ½w11 0b4 0b2 ½w8 1b9 2
  Grant Healey Carrick UG (7) 1w5 0b3 1w10 0w1 0w2  
  Colin Sellwood Camborne 149 (8) ½w4 0b9 0w5 ½b6 1b10  
9 Adam Hussain Carrick 150 (9) ½b1 1w8 0w4 0b2 0w6
10 David J Jenkins Penwith 144 (10) 1b2 0w1 0b7 0b5 0w8 1
W/D Robin Kneebone Carrick 168 (11) ½b6          

Falmouth Cup (Under 146)

The Falmouth Cup for players graded under 146 was won by Exeter University (Penryn) first year student and Carrick member, Toby Willis, with a 100% score (5/5). An entirely self-taught player, Toby said that he had learned the game using the chess materials on YouTube. This was his first tournament.

Keith Brewer, Jason Henderson and Bryan Jones finished equal 2nd on 3½/5. Another rapidly improving player, Tom Oates, won the under 110 grading prize with 3/5.

1 Toby Willis Carrick UG (1) 1b3 1w19 1b10 1w2 1b5 5
2-4 Keith Brewer Liskeard UG (2) ½b9 1w15 1b7 0b1 1w11
  Jason Henderson Lerryn 124 (3) 1w13 0b1 1w17 ½w7 1b10  
  Bryan Jones Carrick 103 (4) ½b5 ½w6 ½b16 1w12 1b8  
5-7 Mick Hill Carrick 138 (5} ½w4 1b11 ½w8 1b6 0w1 3
  Thomas Oates Camborne 107 (6) ½bye ½b11 1w9 0w5 1b15
  Ian Renshaw Carrick 118 (7) 1b17 ½w10 0w2 ½b3 1w13
8-11 John Constable Bude 123 (8) ½bye 1w9 ½b5 ½b11 0w4
  Colin Gardiner Carrick 100 (9) ½w2 0b8 0b6 1w18 1w16  
  David R Jenkins Calstock 117 (10) 1w18 ½b7 0w1 1b16 0w3  
  Martin Jones Newquay 117 (11) 1b16 0b14 1b14 ½w8 0b2  
12-15 Christine Constable Bude 105 (12) ½bye 0b17 ½w15 0b4 1w18 2
  Sharath Kumar Carrick UG (13) 0b3 0w16 1b18 1w14 0b7  
  Maurice Richards Liskeard 113 (14) 0w1 1b18 0w11 0b13 1b17  
  Philip Spargo Camborne

99 (15)

½bye 0b2 ½b12 1w17 0w6  
16 John James Penwith 68 (16) 0w11 1b13 ½w4 0w10 0b9
17 Stuart Lee Liskeard 78 (17) 0w7 1w12 0b3 0b15 0w14 1
18 Andrew Queen Liskeard UG (18) 0b10 0w14 0w13 0b9 0b12 0