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Annual Congress 2016

Played on 1 to 3 April 2016 at Carnon Downs Village Hall

Emigrant Cup (Cornwall Championship)

James Hooker (Penwith) narrowly won the county championship on tie-break ahead of David Saqui (Penwith), both 4/5. James was rarely in trouble during the event; although he dropped a piece against Robin Kneebone he could easily have won that game given his compensation in the form of Robinís time trouble. Davidís play belied his age as he again demonstrated that he remains one of the best veterans in England. Equal third were Robin Kneebone (Carrick) and Simon Bartlett (Bude) 3/5. The grading prize was won by Richard Clark (Newquay) whose brave decision to tackle the Emigrant was rewarded with several tough games where he troubled high-graded opponents.

1-2 James Hooker Penwith 178 (1) 1w7 1b6 1b2 ½b4 ½w5 4
  David Saqui Penwith 170 (2) 1w5 1b9 0w1 1b6 1w4  
  James Hooker won the Emigrant Cup on sum of progressive scores
3-4 Simon Bartlett Bude 165 (3) ½bye ½b4 ½w6 ½w9 1b8 3
  Robin Kneebone Carrick 177 (4) 1b11 ½w3 1b7 ½w1 0b2  
5-7 Richard Clark Newquay 131 (5) 0b2 1w11 ½bye ½w7 ½b1
  Lloyd Retallick Newquay 174 (6) 1b10 0w1 ½b3 0w2 1bye  
  Colin Sellwood Camborne 155 (7) 0b1 1w8 0w4 ½b5 1b9  
8-9 Gary Trudeau Liskeard 160 (8) 0w9 0w2 1w11 1b10 0w3 2
  Mark Watkins Penwith 191 (9) 1b8 0b1 ½w10 ½b3 0w7  
10-11 Neil Robinson Carrick 127 (10) 0w6 ½bye ½b9 0w8 ½b11
  Richard Stephens Carrick 147 (11) 0w4 0b5 0b8 1bye ½w10  

Falmouth Cup (Under 146)

The Falmouth Cup competition was won fairly comfortably by Philip Walters (Carlisle) with 4.5/5. Philip was playing as a visitor, returning to Cornwall where he played in his youth in the 1970s. He generously donated his prize money to junior chess (or for a clock). We hope Philip will return to play as a guest in the Emigrant. The Falmouth Cup for the leading resident-based player was awarded on tie-break to John Constable (Bude) who finished level with Percy Gill (Penwith) on 3.5. David R Jenkins (Calstock) and Martin Jones (Newquay) won the grading prizes.

1 Philip Walters Carlisle 143 (1) 1w9 1b6 1w2 ½b3 1w5
  Philip Walters, being ineligible to win the Falmouth Cup, this was awarded to John Constable on sum of progressive scores.  
2-3 John Constable Bude 119 (2) 1b15 1w4 0w1 ½w7 1b9
  Percy Gill Penwith UG (3) 1b13 ½w7 ½b12 ½w1 1b6  
4-7 Richard Humpleby Penwith 120 (4) 1b6 0b2 ½w9 1w10 ½b7 3
  David J Jenkins Penwith 145 (5) 1b11 0w10 1b13 1w12 0b1  
  David R Jenkins Lerryn 119 (6) 1b8 0w1 1b10 1w11 0w3  
  Kenton Richings Camborne 120 (7) 1w17 ½b3 ½bye ½b2 ½w4
8-12 Anton Barkhuysen Camborne 117 (8) 0w6 0b9 1w14 1b16 ½b12
  Martin Jones Newquay 113 (9) 0b1 1w8 ½b4 1w13 0w2  
  Ian Renshaw Carrick 120 (10) ½w14 1b5 0w6 0b4 1w15  
  Maurice Richards Liskeard 117 (11) 0w5 1b16 ½w15 0b6 1w14  
  Philip Spargo Camborne 110 (12) ½bye 1b14 ½w3 0b5 ½w8  
13 Christine Constable Bude 98 (13) 0w3 1b17 0w5 0b9 1w16 2
14 Hugh Brown Carrick 94 (14) ½b10 0w12 0b8 1b15 0b11
15 John Rodgers Camborne UG (15) 0w2 ½bye ½b11 0w14 0b10 1
16 Harvey Richings Camborne 93 (16) 0w4 0w11 ½bye 0w8 0b13 ½
17 Ben Jago Penwith UG (17) 0b7 0w13 0w2 0b12 0b13 0