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Penwith Club Championship 2017/18

The 2018 Penwith Club Championship was a six-round Swiss rapidplay tournament, played over three consecutive Tuesday evenings in January and February. The event was played with great fighting spirit, there being only one draw in the 32 contested games! The new club champion is Ian George, scoring 5/6 in a welcome return to tournament play, and winning on tie-break from David Saqui, who had the satisfaction of being the only player to beat Ian (with an entertaining seconds-to-spare mate from an apparently lost position, [completely lost, more like! - IG]). My particular thanks to Mark Watkins, who controlled the tournament with a perfect touch.

David Jenkins

Results and final standings
1-2 Ian George 162 (1) 1b8 1w5 1b9 0w2 1b3 1w6 5
  David Saqui 174 (2) 1w7 0b3 1w6 1b1 1w5 1b4  
3 Percy Gill 132 (3) 1b11 1w2 0b5 1w 0w1 1b10 4
4 Kenton Richings 128 (4) ½bye ½bye 1b11 ½w18 1b10 0w2
5-7 David J Jenkins 144 (5) 1w12 0b1 1w3 1b10 0b2 0w7 3
  Harvey Richings 104 (6) ½bye ½bye 0b2 1w11 1b8 0b1  
  Jan Rodrigo 130 (7) 0b2 0b9 0b8 1w12 1b11 1b5  
8 Richard Humpleby 114 (8) 0w1 0b10 1w7 ½b4 0w6 1b12
9-11 David R Jenkins 132 (9) 1w10 1b7 0w1 0b3     2
  John James 66 (10) 0b9 1w8 1b12 0w5 0w4 0w3  
  Jon Cochrane 79 (11) 0w3 1b12 0w4 0b6 0w7 1bye  
12 Ian Renshaw 105 (12) 0b5 0w11 0w10 0b7 1bye 0w8 1
Ian George was declared club champion by reason of superior Sum of Progressive Scores.

Last updated 10/6/2018