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League Rules

1 The competition is annual and open to all affiliated clubs.

The league shall consist of two divisions under the following arrangements:

County Shield:

A club or combination of clubs may enter one or more teams of five players each.

Roberts Cup:

A club or combination of clubs may enter one or more teams of four players. The average grade of the players must not exceed 130. The Executive Sub-committee shall have the power to vary this number if it considers that this would be to the benefit of the competition.

3 Eligibility of Players
  1. A player may not play for more than one club or combination of clubs simultaneously in the same competition save as provided in b).
  2. No restrictions shall apply to any ungraded player who has never had a published grade nor to any junior with a published grade lower than 100.
  3. For the purpose of determining the total in 2.2 ungraded juniors will be deemed to have a grade of 30 and ungraded adults will be deemed to have a grade of 50.
  4. Notwithstanding 3(c) the League Secretary will consult the E. C. F. grading database in respect of ungraded players and, if he finds information indicating recent playing activity that would justify him in assigning an estimated grade to any player, he will determine the figure to be used and publish this to all participating teams. This procedure will not be invoked for any junior player having fewer than ten results in his record on the E. C. F. grading database.
  5. A player to whom b) does not apply and who wishes to transfer to another club or combination of clubs may do so by informing the League Secretary accordingly. Thereafter during that season he may not play for any other club or combination of clubs in that competition.
4 The format of the competitions is to be determined at the Management Committee meeting to be held before the start of the season in accordance with section-para 3.03 of the constitution.
5 Four points will be awarded for a win, two for a draw and one for a loss. No points will be awarded to a team that defaults a match.
6 If two or more teams finish level on points, the trophy shall be shared
7 The League Secretary shall, after the Management Committee meeting referred to in rule 3, produce a provisional fixture list for the season, specifying unambiguously the date on which each match is to be played. Any club wishing to propose a change to any fixture date must notify the League Secretary of the proposed change within fourteen days. The League Secretary will rule on any proposed changes and forthwith issue a definitive list.
8 Matches shall be played on the dates specified in the definitive fixture list. No variation shall be permitted to the dates on that list other than by reason of unavoidable emergency. A club failing to fulfil any fixture shall lose the match by default unless it successfully claims that it could not fulfil the fixture because of an unavoidable emergency. The decision of the League Secretary shall be final in relation to any such claim.
9 Matches between two teams from the same club or combination of clubs shall take place as early as practicable. Claims for points gained by default will not be allowed in such matches.
10 Captains will toss a coin to determine colours at the first meeting between the teams; winner of the toss will be White on odd boards in the first match and the colours will be reversed in the return match.
11 Nomination of Players
  1. Where a club or combination of clubs fields more than one team in the County Shield it must nominate its three highest graded players. All such players may play for one team only.
  2. Where a club or combination of clubs fields more than one team in the Roberts Cup it must nominate all its players graded 165 or over and its two highest graded players graded under 165. All such players may play for one team only.
  3. Where a) or b) applies the club or combination of clubs may allocate the relevant players to teams as it sees fit.
12 The players to be nominated will be determined by reference to the current E.C.F. or other official grading list or, in the case of ungraded players, by their most recent published grade, if any.
13 No player ordinarily resident or attending an educational establishment more than 20 miles beyond the border between Devon and Cornwall may be nominated in accordance with Rule 12 above

5th June 2019