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Rules applicable to all team matches

1 Play will be scheduled to start no later than 7.30 p.m. The team captains may agree an earlier start time in which case both captains must so notify the League Secretary in writing no later than 14 days beforehand. Failure to do so will render the agreement void.
2 If a player does not arrive at the board within 30 minutes of the start of the match, the opposing captain may claim that board by default. The captain of an absent player may replace him with a substitute at any time within those 30 minutes.
3 A team fielding an ineligible player will lose that board by default.
4 Teams must be arranged in order of current playing strength.
5 The rate of play shall be 30 moves in 75 minutes. After black has made his 30th move, the clocks shall be stopped, set back 15 minutes each and the game completed in the time remaining. The procedures set out in Appendix G of the 2014 F. I. D. E. Laws of Chess shall apply.
6 The two team captains will act as joint arbiters with authority to delegate this responsibility if necessary.
7 If the captains so agree beforehand, the clocks may be set back by 30 rather than 15 minutes.
8 The full score of each match will be sent to the League Secretary by both Clubs within seven days.
9 All disputes will be settled by the League Secretary.

The minimum requirements (except in exceptional circumstances) for a venue for a match are:

  1. Exclusive use of the room with admittance to club members and chess- related visitors only.
  2. Suitable tables and chairs to allow adults and juniors to play in comfort.
  3. Suitable access to the venue and toilets for juniors and the disabled.
  4. A minimum of intrusive external noise.
11 If the home venue does not meet all of 10(a), (b) and (c), the away team shall have the right to apply to the League Secretary within 48 hours following the due date of the match for an order requiring, if he sees fit, that the match be played at a venue and date to be decided by the League Secretary.
  1. Where the Rules of a competition specify a grading limit, the grades to be used shall be those published in the most recent ECF list issued before the start of the season.
  2. The grades referred to in a) shall apply without amendment throughout the season.
  3. Before the commencement of the competition the League Secretary shall publish a definitive list of the grades of all eligible players
13 Where a playerís mobile phone, or other electronic device, makes an audible sound, the penalty shall be a warning followed by the automatic loss of the game on a second occurrence.
14 Where the distance between the venues of the two clubs in any match exceeds 50 miles, the away team has the right to insist that the match be played at a venue approximately equidistant between the two clubs or any other agreed venue. In such cases the away team is responsible for arranging the hire of and, if relevant, paying for the venue. It must notify home team and League Secretary of the intention to exercise this right at least 30 days beforehand, and of the venue arrangements at least 14 days beforehand. The home team has the right to decide whether the match is played on the home teamís club night or not.

2nd June 2016