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Rules governing knock-out competitions

1 A. W. Busby Cup
1.01 The Cup is to be a perpetual trophy competed for annually by clubs affiliated to the Association.
1.02 The competition is to be played on a knock-out basis.
1.03 The draw for the entire competition will be made at the Secretaries' Meeting prior to the commencement of the season.
1.04 The draw will be conducted by lot with no seeding.
1.05 Fixtures will be played on dates to be determined by the League Secretary prior to the commencement of the competition.
1.06 a) Teams shall consist of 5 players.
b) A player may not play for more than one club simultaneously in the same competition. .
1.07 If a club enters more than one team, no player shall be debarred from playing for the "A" team by reason of having played for a lower team. No player shall play for a lower team after having played for a higher team.
1.08 The result of drawn matches will be decided by bottom-board elimination. If all the games are drawn the match will be replayed
1.09 The captains will toss for colours before the commencement of the match, the winner of the toss having choice of colours.
2 Roger Grime Cup
2.01 The competition is limited to players with a current E.C.F. grade under 135 and to ungraded players who either have never had a E.C.F. grade or other official rating or whose most recent published grade is under 135.
2.02 Teams shall consist of 4 players.
2.03 The Rules governing the conduct of the A. W. Busby Cup shall also apply to this competition.

26th June 2014