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Rules for 500 League

1 Entry to the competition will be open to all organisations located in Cornwall and is not restricted to chess clubs having membership of the Association.
2 The league will consist of one division. Clubs or combinations of clubs may enter as many teams as they wish.
3 The composition and playing arrangements will be determined at a Management Committee meeting prior to the commencement of the season.
4 Four points will be awarded for a win, two for a draw and one for a loss. No points will be awarded to a team that defaults a match.
5 Ties will be broken in favour of the team scoring the greater number of game points. If this fails to break the tie, the teams concerned will share the trophy.
6 Prior to the commencement of the competition the organiser will issue a fixture list showing the dates on which matches are to be played. Matches must be played on the specified dates. No match may be postponed without the prior permission of the organiser. Such permission will be given only in exceptional circumstances. He will not give permission merely on the ground of the non-availability of players.
7 Composition of teams
  a) Teams will consist of four players, arranged in order of current playing strength.
  b) The total grades of the players in a team may not exceed 500 for teams consisting of four players. Where only three players are present the total grade may not exceed 380. Where only two players are present the total grade may not exceed 340.
  c) For the purpose of determining the total in 7(b) ungraded juniors will be deemed to have a grade of 30 and ungraded adults will be deemed to have a grade of 50.
  d) Notwithstanding 7(c) the organiser will consult the E. C. F. grading database in respect of ungraded players and, if he finds information indicating recent playing activity that would justify him in assigning an estimated grade to any player, he will determine the figure to be used and publish this to all participating teams. This procedure will not be invoked for any junior player having fewer than ten results in his record on the E. C. F. grading database.
  e) So that the organiser can carry out the process in 7(d) teams must notify him at least seven days beforehand of any players whom they claim to be eligible to be graded in accordance with 7(c).
  f) The penalty for exceeding the permitted grading total will be the loss of the points on the highest-scoring board of the offending team.
  g) No restrictions shall apply to any ungraded player who has never had a published grade nor to any junior with a published grade lower than 100.
8 Conduct of Matches
  a) Each player will play two games against his or her opponent, one with white and one with black. The team scoring most game points will be the winner.
  b) All games will be played under the provisions of the FIDE Laws of Chess applicable to rapidplay games, except that a first illegal move in a game shall result in 2 minutes being added to the time available to the non-offending player and a second illegal move (by the same player in the same game) shall result in loss of the game..
  c) Each player will have 45 minutes for the whole game.
  d) Play will start no later than 7.30 p.m.
  e) Where a pairing involves a junior player the second game will commence no later than ten minutes after the end of the first.
  f) Colours will be decided by the toss of a coin. The winner of the toss will play White on all boards in the first round of games and Black on all boards in the second round of games.
  g) The full score of each match is to be sent to the organiser within seven days by both sides.
9 Eligibility of Players
  a) A player may play for any club in the competition.
  b) No player may play for more than one club or combination of clubs in any season unless eligible under rule 7 (g).
  c) A player may play for any team entered by his or her club or combination of clubs without restriction.
10 The entry fee will be determined by the Association in General Meeting.
11 Where he is of the opinion that it would not be appropriate for him to make a decision on any matter in which his club has an interest, or if it appears to him to be necessary for the efficient administration of the competition, the Organiser may delegate this duty to any other officer of the Association.
12 The games will graded as rapidplay games.
13 Changes to these rules will be made only by the Association in General Meeting.

5th June 2019