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Ian George 1 - 0 devilone (Internet Chess Club 2001)

Notes by Ian George

It used to be fashionable in many circles to dismiss the American, Fred Reinfeld, as a mere hack writer on chess and these days his books are read very little, if at all. For many people of my generation, however, at a time when the choice of books on chess was very limited, he provided the first exposure to the richness of the game and stimulated a lifelong association with its pleasures and frustrations.

Soon after learning the moves, at the age of about 11, I acquired a copy of one of his books, the only chess book on sale in Redruth at the time. Everything in it was new to me including a game featuring my favourite sequence in chess, Anastasia's mate. Ever since then I've wanted to use the idea myself. The opportunity finally came over 40 years later in a five minute game on the Internet Chess Club. Not the most significant game, then, but certainly high on the list of those have given me most pleasure.