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This game is analysed on Jim's Chess Channel on YouTube and by David Bronstein in "The Chess Struggle in Practice", game no. 96.

Yuri Averbakh 0 - 1 Aleksandr Kotov (Zurich Candidates Tournament 1953, Rd.14)

The 1953 Candidates Tournament was held at Zurich to find the challenger to Botvinnik in the 1954 World Championship match. It was a 15 player double-round all-play-all, featuring all the strongest players of the time except the world champion himself. Smyslov emerged as the winner by two points and went on to draw the 1954 match with Botvinnik.

This game is one of the highlights of the tournament. After a relatively quiet beginning the game explodes into life with Kotov's justly famous queen sacrifice on move 30.