53rd Cotswold Chess Congress 2024
Entries to date
GC denotes player eligible to win the Gloucestershire Championship
2202 Timothy Kett North Cardiff  
2118 Jan Murawski Oxford City  
2109 Michael Ashworth Wotton Hall GC
2059 Graham Bolt Exeter GC
2014 Andy Hill (Rd.1 bye) Horfield & Redfield GC
1948 Benjamin Lappin Gloucester GC
1940 Zack Norris Wotton Hall GC
1905 Robert Ashworth Wotton Hall GC
1874 Richard George Cirencester GC
1839 Matthew Hammond Gloucester GC
1694 Florence Spirling Purbeck and Southbourne  
MAJOR - U1860
1769 Rob Fursman Belper  
1765 Zak Tomlinson (Rd.3 bye) Barnby Dun  
1759 Brendan O'Gorman DHSS  
1732 Kevin Winter Ilkley  
1718 Elmira Walker Downend & Fishponds  
1711 Dale Sibborn Bishop's Cleeve  
1695 Derek Edwards Witney  
1664 Alan Gentry Witney  
1650 Sam Wood    
1637 Dave Williams Downend & Fishponds  
1632 Lynne Fursman Cheltenham  
1626 Louise Woodcock    
1614 Ian Blencowe Wootton Hall  
1578 Mitchell Darkes Gloucester  
1544 Robert Lacey Cirencester  
1452 John Sellen    
MINOR - U1635
1610 Stephen Williams Cwmbran  
1600E Gary Brown    
1593 Nathan Cave Wootton Hall  
1567 Thomas Cleverley Wootton Hall  
1473 Steve Martin Gloucester  
1468 David Marshall Streatham & Brixton  
1465 Patrick Sartain Harlow  
1436 Stev Wilson Telepost Shrewsbury  
1403 Ian Leslie Yeovil  
1395 Colin Vernon Worcester City  
1385 Jennifer Goldsmith Harlow  
UG Ed Brown    

GC indicates that the player is eligible for the Gloucestershire Championship

Last updated 8/4/2024