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West of England Championship 2003

Final Standings

The source for these scores is a Britbase database that does not include byes. There may also be a small number of games missing. I have attempted to deduce the missing results from the crosstable but it is possible that some of the scores below 2nd= are incorrect.

Games (pgn)

1 M. J. Turner Somerset 237 7
2 J. Rudd Yeovil 200 5
3-12 G. Moore Broadland 202 4
  P. E. Chaplin Western Super Mare 179  
  C. S. Crouch Harrow 218  
  S. P. Dilleigh Horfield 184  
  A. J. Pleasants Weymouth 175  
  J. R. Wilkinson Gosport 160  
  I. R. Ponter Downend 163  
  I. M. George Camborne 169  
  D. A. Cutmore Albany 156  
  M. J. Cutmore Albany 162  
13-16 M. W. Sapiecha St Marychurch 158
  R. J. Neat Exmouth 121  
  D. P. Littlejohns Taunton 160  
  M. V. Abbott Exmouth 147  
17-19 D. C. Bareham Bristol 165 3
  P. A. Carpenter Torquay 140  
  D. J. Shire Folkestone 166  
20-21 D. C. Egginton Nailsea 160
  A. L. Therrien Devon 148  
22-23 R. Wynarczyk Newcastle 158 2
  B. G. E. Gosling Frome 155  
  G. Bolt Gloucester 170

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