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Cornwall Winter Congress Information and Arrangements

Sunday 24th January 2021

Format and Sections

The tournament will consist of a single-section Swiss with five rounds. If there are sufficient entries, the players will be divided into two or three graded sections of approximately equal size.


Anyone with a past or present connection with Cornwall and meeting any of the following criteria is eligible to enter.
1) Birth in Cornwall
2) Residence in Cornwall at any time, past or present
3) Past or present attendance at a school or other educational establishment in Cornwall
4) Current membership or previous membership of a club affiliated to the Cornwall County Chess Association.


Please send entries to Ian George by email (, text (07890 133221) or lichess message (roskearman).

Entries close at 2100 on Friday 22 January 2021.

There is no entry fee

The following details are required:
Lichess user name

ECF grading reference no. (if known)
Email address
Round for bye, if requested
Eligibility (if not a member of the Cornwall team on lichess)

Playing Schedule

Round 1: 1300 to finish
Round 2: 1445 to finish
Round 3: 1630 to finish
Round 4: 1815 to finish
Round 5: 2000 to finish

A ½ point bye may be taken in rounds 1–4 provided it is requested on or before Friday 22 January 2021.

Conduct of Games and Time Control

All games will be played using the game-playing facilities of lichess.

All moves in 30 minutes plus 10 second increment per move from move 1.

Re-pairing will take place 15 minutes after the start of a round. Players who have not arrived will be defaulted 15 minutes after the scheduled start of a round.


The November 2020 ECF online rating list to be published in January 2021 will be used for determining player ratings where necessary. The most recent ECF OTB rating list will be used for players without an online rating.

All games will be submitted for ECF online rating.


1st: £50
2nd: £25
3rd: £15
Grading prizes: £10 each

If the congress is divided into more than one section, the above prize list will apply to each section.

Fair Play

The Cornwall Online Chess Guidelines form part of the Terms and Conditions of entry to the congress. They may be found at



Players need an account at in order to play in the congress.

Pairings will be made using Swiss-Manager.

It is a condition of entry that the entrant:
1) agrees to be bound by the above arrangements
2) agrees to be bound by the Fair Play Guidelines.
3) agrees that the Controller’s decision is final in all matters.


Ian George. Email: Tel: 01209 719727(h) 07890 133221 (m)

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