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Cornwall Online Winter Congress

Sunday 24 January 2021

This is a one day online tournament open to anyone with a past or present connection with Cornwall. Cornish exiles are particularly welcome. Holidays don't count as sufficient connection!

General Arrangements

  • The tournament will consist of a five-round single-section Swiss. If there are sufficient entries, the players will be divided into two or three graded sections of approximately equal size.
  • A ½-point bye may be taken in rounds 1-4 provided it is requested on or before Friday 22 January 2021.
  • Play will start at 1 p.m.
  • Rate of play: 30 minutes each with 10 seconds per move increment from move 1.
  • Games will be played the lichess platform. All players will therefore require a lichess user name.
  • Games will be rated for the ECF Online Rating List (Rapid Play)
  • There is no entry fee.
  • Prizes (all sections): 1st: £50. 2nd: £25. 3rd: £15. Grading prize: £10
  • The Cornwall Online Fair Play Guidelines will apply to the congress.
  • Full details of arrangements are here.
  • Entries

    Please send entries to Ian George by email (, text (07890 133221) or lichess message (roskearman), giving the following details:
    Lichess user name
    ECF grading reference no. (if known)
    Email address
    Round for bye, if requested
    Eligibility (if not a member of the Cornwall team on lichess)

    Closing date for entries: Friday 22 January 2021

    Draw Offers

    There have two or three instances in our league and congress of players intending to offer or accept a draw and pressing the RESIGN button instead. This is partly due to the poor design of the relevant lichess page where, instead of placing the DRAW button at either end of the page a long way from the RESIGN button, they have put it in the centre of a row of closely spaced buttons with the RESIGN button on the right.

    Where this has arisen so far the positions have been dead drawn with no winning prospects for either side. In all cases the situation was resolved afterwards by fine sportsmanship on the part of the "winner" in agreeing to a draw.

    In order to prevent this situation occurring in their games, I would urge all players to check carefully before offering or agreeing a draw.

    Ian George

    Take Back Requests

    In common with other online platforms lichess allows players to make a take back request, which the opponent is at liberty to grant or refuse as he or she sees fit. The principal use of this is where a mouse slip cause a player to move a piece to an unintended square.

    I understand how frustrating this is, having done it myself more than once. I also understand that momentary loss of control might affect, for example, an arthritis sufferer. Having said that, I believe that competitive online play should, wherever possible, be conducted according to the same principles as over the board play. Furthermore the use of take back requests has the potential for creating a form of "moral blackmail" where the opponent considers that he or she will, unfairly, be thought guilty of poor sportsmanship if he or she refuses.

    Accordingly, while I'm not going to a make a rule prohibiting take back requests, I do not think that they should be used in our online competitions. I therefore request all players to refrain from making them. If you do make one and your opponent refuses, please remember that he or she has every right to do so and that for some people this is a matter of principle.

    The above remarks apply only to our formal competitions and not to the regular rapid play Arena/Swiss/Team Battle events that we organise once or twice a week.

    Ian George


    Last updated 19/1/2021