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Cornwall Online Winter Congress

Sunday 24 January 2021

This is a one day online tournament open to anyone with a past or present connection with Cornwall. Cornish exiles are particularly welcome. Holidays don't count as sufficient connection!

General Arrangements

  • The tournament will consist of a five-round single-section Swiss. If there are sufficient entries, the players will be divided into two or three graded sections of approximately equal size.
  • A ½-point bye may be taken in rounds 1-4 provided it is requested on or before Friday 22 January 2021.
  • Play will start at 1 p.m.
  • Rate of play: 30 minutes each with 10 seconds per move increment from move 1.
  • Games will be played the lichess platform. All players will therefore require a lichess user name.
  • Games will be rated for the ECF Online Rating List (Rapid Play)
  • There is no entry fee.
  • Prizes (all sections): 1st: £50. 2nd: £25. 3rd: £15. Grading prize: £10
  • The Cornwall Online Fair Play Guidelines will apply to the congress.
  • Full details of arrangements are here.
  • Entries

    Please send entries to Ian George by email (, text (07890 133221) or lichess message (roskearman), giving the following details:
    Lichess user name
    ECF grading reference no. (if known)
    Email address
    Round for bye, if requested
    Eligibility (if not a member of the All Cornwall team on lichess)

    Closing date for entries: Friday 22 January 2021


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