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1st Cornwall Online Congress

Cornwall Online Congress

The Cornwall Online Congress starts on Sunday, September 6 under the following arrangements:

  • Open to members of the All Cornwall team on lichess.
  • Seven fortnightly rounds ending on November 29.
  • Players to arrange games at mutually convenient dates subject to a set date (which will be a Sunday) if they cannot agree..
  • Two 8-player all-play-alls (Premier for the 8 highest rated players, Major for players 9-16) and the Minor which will be a seven round Swiss for everyone else.
  • In each round the players will play two games against their opponent, one with white and one with black.
  • Rate of play: 30 minutes each with 15 second per move increments from move 1.
  • There will be generous prizes for each section.
  • The rules are here.
  • Please send entries by email to or by lichess message to roskearman on or before Friday 28th August.

    Anyone who enters will be playing against opponents of roughly their standard at a longer time limit that allows for a 'proper game'.

    Ian George

    Last updated 21/7/2020

    1st Cornwall Online Chess Congress - Round 1 (06/09/2020)