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117 Maurice Richards maurice48 1
103 Andy Young Tamarcottage  
86 Hugh Brown hughgb  
58 Ivan Gerasimenko ivanchessgenius  
122 Christine Constable ChrisFC 0
88 Mark Reid harrythecrumb  
66 Lloyd Russell LloydRussell  
UG Maria Evdokimova VasilisaKrasa  
124 Neil Robinson TheMooCow  
111 David Jenkins POCCAhontas  


The first-named player in each pairing has white in the first game.

Round 1: 15th October 2020

1 Ivan Gerasimenko (0) 1 - 0 Mark Reid (0)
2 Hugh Brown (0) 1 - 0 Maria Evdokimova (0)
3 Lloyd Russell (0) 0 - 1 Andy Young (0)
4 Neil Robinson (0)   David Jenkins (0)
5 Christine Constable (0) 0 - 1 Maurice Richards (0)

Round 2: 22nd October 2020

1 Mark Reid     Maurice Richards (1)
2 David Jenkins     Christine Constable (0)
3 Andy Young     Neil Robinson  
4 Maria Evdokimova     Lloyd Russell  
5 Ivan Gerasimenko     Hugh Brown  

Round 3: 29th October 2020

1 Hugh Brown     Mark Reid  
2 Lloyd Russell     Ivan Gerasimenko  
3 Neil Robinson     Maria Evdokimova  
4 Christine Constable     Andy Young  
5 Maurice Richards     David Jenkins  

Round 4: 5th November 2020

1 Mark Reid     David Jenkins  
2 Andy Young     Maurice Richards  
3 Maria Evdokimova     Christine Constable  
4 Ivan Gerasimenko     Neil Robinson  
5 Hugh Brown     Lloyd Russell  

Round 5: 12th November 2020

1 Lloyd Russell     Mark Reid  
2 Neil Robinson     Hugh Brown  
3 Christine Constable     Ivan Gerasimenko  
4 Maurice Richards     Maria Evdokimova  
5 David Jenkins     Andy Young  

Round 6: 19th November 2020

1 Mark Reid     Andy Young  
2 Maria Evdokimova     David Jenkins  
3 Ivan Gerasimenko     Maurice Richards  
4 Hugh Brown     Christine Constable  
5 Lloyd Russell     Neil Robinson  

Round 7: 26th November 2020

1 Neil Robinson     Mark Reid  
2 Christine Constable     Lloyd Russell  
3 Maurice Richards     Hugh Brown  
4 David Jenkins     Ivan Gerasimenko  
5 Andy Young     Maria Evdokimova  

Round 8: 3rd December 2020

1 Mark Reid     Maria Evdokimova  
2 Ivan Gerasimenko     Andy Young  
3 Hugh Brown     David Jenkins  
4 Lloyd Russell     Maurice Richards  
5 Neil Robinson     Christine Constable  

Round 9: 10th December 2020

1 Christine Constable     Mark Reid  
2 Maurice Richards     Neil Robinson  
3 David Jenkins     Lloyd Russell  
4 Andy Young     Hugh Brown  
5 Maria Evdokimova     Ivan Gerasimenko  

Round 10: 17th December 2020

1 Mark Reid     Ivan Gerasimenko  
2 Maria Evdokimova     Hugh Brown  
3 Andy Young     Lloyd Russell  
4 David Jenkins     Neil Robinson  
5 Maurice Richards     Christine Constable  
Round 11: 7th January 2021
1 Maurice Richards     Mark Reid  
2 Christine Constable     David Jenkins  
3 Neil Robinson     Andy Young  
4 Lloyd Russell     Maria Evdokimova  
5 Hugh Brown     Ivan Gerasimenko  

Round 12: 14th January 2021

1 Mark Reid     Hugh Brown  
2 Ivan Gerasimenko     Lloyd Russell  
3 Maria Evdokimova     Neil Robinson  
4 Andy Young     Christine Constable  
5 David Jenkins     Maurice Richards  

Round 13: 21st January 2021

1 David Jenkins     Mark Reid  
2 Maurice Richards     Andy Young  
3 Christine Constable     Maria Evdokimova  
4 Neil Robinson     Ivan Gerasimenko  
5 Lloyd Russell     Hugh Brown  

Round 14: 28th January 2021

1 Mark Reid     Lloyd Russell  
2 Hugh Brown     Neil Robinson  
3 Ivan Gerasimenko     Christine Constable  
4 Maria Evdokimova     Maurice Richards  
5 Andy Young     David Jenkins  

Round 15: 4th February 2021

1 Andy Young     Mark Reid  
2 David Jenkins     Maria Evdokimova  
3 Maurice Richards     Ivan Gerasimenko  
4 Christine Constable     Hugh Brown  
5 Neil Robinson     Lloyd Russell  

Round 16: 11th February 2021

1 Mark Reid     Neil Robinson  
2 Lloyd Russell     Christine Constable  
3 Hugh Brown     Maurice Richards  
4 Ivan Gerasimemko     David Jenkins  
5 Maria Evdokimova     Andy Young  

Round 17: 18th February 2021

1 Maria Evdokimova     Mark Reid  
2 Andy Young     Ivan Gerasimenko  
3 David Jenkins     Hugh Brown  
4 Maurice Richards     Lloyd Russell  
5 Christine Constable     Neil Robinson  

Round 18: 25th February 2021

1 Mark Reid     Christine Constable  
2 Neil Robinson     Maurice Richards  
3 Lloyd Russell     David Jenkins  
4 Hugh Brown     Andy Young  
5 Ivan Gerasimenko     Maria Evdokimova  

Bude U125 All Play All Online Tournament
Thursdays starting 15/10/20

Open to all U125 players in Cornwall (July 2020 grading list)

  • The competition is open to chess players from Cornwall, either living here, playing for a Cornwall club, or working in Cornwall, who are graded under 125.
  • All players must have an ECF grade of under 125 based on the July 2020 ECF grading list
  • Play will take place on the Lichess platform with rated games (details of how to do this are given here)
  • Rate of play will be 45 minutes with increments of 15 seconds per move from move 1
  • This competition will be a double round all-play-all, meaning that you will play each opponent twice, although not on the same night
  • Players should give an email address to the organiser that they are happy for all the players in the tournament to have in order to facilitate any re-arrangement of matches. Please also include your Lichess user name.
  • Games will be submitted to the ECF for grading – this will be their online grading, not 'over the board' grading. This means that all players will need to be members of the ECF, full details are given here)
  • Scheduled games will take place on Thursdays, beginning with 15 October 2020.
  • The dates for all the rounds will be published in advance of the first scheduled round along with a list of all relevant Lichess user names and emails.
  • Games should be played on the date given at 7.30 p.m. to give us a 'club night' feel where we can watch other games still in progress or chat to other players once our games have finished.
  • Default time is 7.45pm on the night given for the game to take place.
  • If you are unable to play a match on the date given, please rearrange the match for an earlier date
  • Please send the result of you game to
  • The first named person for each match will play white and should issue the challenge to their opponent, however either player can issue the challenge.
  • One point will be awarded for a win, half for a draw and none for a loss.
  • Please enter by email to Chris (address below) by Sunday 11th October 2020
  • For the purpose of this competition all correspondence should be sent to Chris Constable
  • Tournament details on Bude website


    Last updated 19/10/2020