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Meeting Night
Carnon Downs Village Hall
Tregye Road
Carnon Downs
Robin Kneebone
Tel: 01209 418412 (h) 07531 543651 (m)
Hugh Brown
Tel: 07976 294798
County Shield (Falmouth)
Team Captain
Ian Renshaw
Tel: 01326 373348
Fixtures and results
H 18/09/2019 Wed Bude
A 09/10/2019 Wed Truro
H 16/10/2019 Wed Newquay
A 28/10/2019 Mon Calstock *
H 13/11/2019 Wed Penzance
A 20/12/2019 Fri Camborne
A 06/01/2020 Mon Liskeard
A 20/01/2020 Mon Newquay
H 12/02/2020 Wed Truro
H 19/02/2020 Wed Calstock
A 24/03/2020 Tue Penzance
H 15/04/2020 Wed Liskeard
A 07/05/2020 Thu Bude *
H 20/05/2020 Wed Camborne
  * indicates fixtures to be played at Liskeard
County Shield (Truro)
Team Captain
Jeremy Menadue
Tel: 01872 274580
Fixtures and results
H 09/10/2019 Wed Falmouth
A 28/10/2019 Mon Newquay
A 13/11/2019 Mon Bude *
H 04/12/2019 Wed Liskeard
H 08/01/2020 Wed Penzance
H 15/01/2020 Wed Calstock
A 24/01/2020 Fri Camborne
A 12/02/2020 Wed Falmouth
H 18/03/2020 Wed Newquay
H 25/03/2020 Wed Bude
A 14/04/2020 Tue Penzance
A 27/04/2020 Mon Calstock *
A 18/05/2020 Mon Liskeard
H 27/05/2020 Wed Camborne
  * indicates fixtures to be played at Liskeard
Roberts Cup (Carrick Kings)
Team Captain
Fixtures and results
A 11/09/2019 Wed Rooks
A 25/11/2019 Mon Liskeard
H 15/01/2020 Thu Lerryn
A 31/01/2020 Fri Camborne
A 27/02/2020 Thu Calstock *
H 01/04/2020 Wed Redruth
H 13/05/2020 Wed Bude
H 27/05/2020 Wed Newquay
  * indicates fixtures to be played at Liskeard
Roberts Cup (Carrick Rooks)
Team Captain
Fixtures and results
H 11/09/2019 Wed Kings
H 18/09/2019 Wed Calstock
H 16/10/2019 Wed Liskeard
A 29/11/2019 Fri Camborne
A 30/01/2020 Thu Bude *
A 26/02/2020 Wed Lerryn
A 30/03/2020 Mon Newquay
H 22/04/2020 Wed Redruth
  * indicates fixtures to be played at Liskeard
500 League (Bishops)
Team Captain
Fixtures and results
A 04/10/2019 Fri Redruth
A 06/11/2019 Wed Knights
H 18/12/2019 Wed Camborne
H 22/01/2020 Wed Knights
A 06/03/2020 Fri Camborne
H 08/04/2020 Wed Redruth
500 League (Knights)
Team Captain
Fixtures and results
A 04/10/2019 Fri Camborne
H 06/11/2019 Wed Bishops
H 18/12/2019 Wed Redruth
A 22/01/2020 Wed Bishops
A 06/03/2020 Fri Redruth
H 08/04/2020 Wed Camborne
A. W. Busby Cup (Falmouth)
Team Captain
Fixtures and results
H 23/10/2019 Wed Liskeard
A. W. Busby Cup (Truro)
Team Captain
Jeremy Menadue
Tel: 01872 274580
Fixtures and results
H 23/10/19 Wed Calstock
Roger Grime Cup (Falmouth)
Team Captain
Fixtures and results
H 20/10/2019 Wed Liskeard or Truro
Roger Grime Cup (Truro)
Team Captain
Fixtures and results
A 23/09/2019 Mon Liskeard

The source of the fixtures listed in the left hand column is the final list published by the League Secretary on 30th June. It should be regarded as provisional until the season gets under way as the dates and/or venues of some fixtures may be changed if so agreed by the clubs concerned.

Club Championship

This will be a Swiss system tournament open to all registered players in the county. Standard play rate, 5 rounds during the season, details to be announced at the end of August. Games will be graded.

Robin Kneebone

About Carrick

We especially invite juniors as well as university students. Most Wednesdays our programme starts from 6.30pm with coaching and friendly games 6.35-7.20 pm, quiet practice and matches 7.30 pm onwards.

We invite newcomers and improvers, young and not-so-young. Coaching will be provided by experienced coaches Jeremy Menadue and Robin Kneebone. There is no extra fee for this.

Membership fee £25 per year plus £3 per evening (concessions for juniors, FXU students), or £50 single payment for a whole season (concessions whole season £25).

Club brochure here

Facebook page here

For more information please contact:

Robin Kneebone 01209 418412 (h) 07531 543651 (m)
Hugh Brown 07976 294798

Carnon Downs Village Hall is easy to find. It’s in the village: turn off the main A39 Truro to Falmouth road. The main village road is Forth Coth and Tregye Road is a turning off that. The Hall is just at the turning. Our room is the Meeting Room, on the right inside the front door. Facilities are good. There’s a free car park, and a bus stop within 50 metres (route U1 and others).


Last updated 9/8/2019

Team Competition Results
League tables
Board scores (all competitions)
Wednesday Night Calendar
11/9 Roberts Rooks v Kings
18/9 Shield Falmouth v Bude
18/9 Roberts Rooks v Calstock
25/9 No meeting
2/10 No meeting
9/10 Shield Truro v Falmouth
16/10 Shield Falmouth v Newquay
16/10 Roberts Rooks v Liskeard
23/10 Busby Falmouth v Liskeard
23/10 Busby Truro v Calstock
6/11 500 Knights v Bishops
13/11 Shield Falmouth v Penzance
20/11 Grime Falmouth v Liskeard or Truro
27/11 To be arranged
04/12 Shield Truro v Liskeard
11/12 To be arranged
18/12 500 Knights v Redruth
18/12 500 Bishops v Camborne
8/1 Shield Truro v Penzance
15/1 Shield Truro v Calstock
15/1 Roberts Kings v Lerryn
22/2 500 Bishops v Knights
29/1 No meeting
5/2 No meeting
12/2 Shield Falmouth v Truro
19/2 Shield Falmouth v Calstock
26/2 No meeting
4/3 No meeting
11/3 To be arranged
18/3 Shield Truro v Newquay
25/3 Shield Truro v Bude
1/4 Roberts Kings v Redruth
8/4 500 Knights v Camborne
8/4 500 Bishops v Redruth
15/4 Shield Falmouth v Liskeard
22/4 Roberts Rooks v Redruth
29/4 No meeting
6/5 No meeting
13/5 Roberts Kings v Bude
20/5 To be arranged
27/5 Shield Truro v Camborne
27/5 Roberts Kings v Newquay
3/6 To be arranged

Graded players (2019/20)
Jeremy Menadue 185 183
Grant Healey 167 187
Robin Kneebone 164 159
Adam Hussain 158 156
Toby Willis 153 138
Richard Stephens 149 158
Marcus Pilling 145 139
Dominic Mayhew 142 97
Bryan Jones 122 101
Boris Kostadinov 121 134
Ian Renshaw 109 98
Siobhan Rowland 89 89
Guy Bolton 87 102
Hugh Brown 87 92
Sam Edwards 86 54
Peter Doubleday 79 79
Myla Hussain 54 63
Ivan Gerasimenko 50 71
Tamara Burgess 43 43
Ornela Mallick 30 50

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